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Save the Date: 2010 Young Creatives Summit

smalludsOn April 16th, 2010 the Young Creatives Summit will be back and better than ever. Like in 2009, the 2010 Summit will provide new and creative ways to give young people a louder voice in the direction of the Dayton region. Also, new to the agenda this year will be workshops to give young creatives some of the tools they’ll need to be community leaders.

The 2010 Summit promises to be an event you won’t want to miss. Save a spot on your calendar for the Young Creatives Summit on April 16th, 2010 at the Dayton Convention Center.

Updayton Action Plan Update


Vote on submissions for the Wayne underpass mural project!

UPDATE: Vote for your fav artist at the updayton Wayne Ave. mural project display this Fri 5-9 PM during Urban Nights!

Eight of 10 winners will be announced at an event in Garden Station on Wayne Ave. A People’s Choice vote at Urban Nights will determine the remaining two winners.

Stop by in between your stops at the galleries, street performances, downtown living options, and events throughout downtown and cast your vote!
This project is sponsored by UpDayton’s Wayne Avenue Corridor Committee. Please forward to any artists you know who may be interested!

We are a group of community volunteers focused on downtown beautification, specifically along Wayne Avenue between Third and Fifth Streets. We are looking for local artists to help paint a series of 10 murals under the train overpass at the Fourth Street and Wayne Avenue intersection. This project aims to use art to enliven the overpass and create a more attractive walkway between the Cannery and Oregon Arts District. Due to the close proximity of Garden Station, new sidewalk planters and a plan for a new urban garden near the overpass, we have adopted a ‘garden’ theme for the murals. The theme may include, but is not limited to, flowers, wildflowers (native to the area preferred), fountains, gazebos, etc. Abstract and non-conventional interpretations of ‘gardens’ are also welcomed. The 10 spaces available for painting are approximately 8’x 8’ squares with semi-circular tops . A committee comprised of artists, area business owners and city representatives will select eight of the 10 winning designs. Designs will be judged based on originality, appropriateness for the space and design quality. The final 2 mural designs will be voted on by the public on Sept. 11th during Urban Nights as ‘People’s Choice’ Awards. Each artist whose mural design is selected will receive $125 upon completion of each mural. Eight gallons of exterior paint will be available to all of the artists to use. The colors will include red, orange, yellow, light and dark green, sky blue, lilac and purple. Also, a $50 supply stipend per mural will be given to each artist to individualize his/her palette.

Multiple submissions are encouraged Submissions are due by Friday, Sept. 4th, at 6 p.m. Eight of 10 winners will be announced at Urban Nights on Sept. 11, at an event in Garden Station. A People’s Choice vote at Urban Nights will determine the remaining two winners. Submissions can be emailed to hissinglawns@yahoo.com or mailed to Adam Coatney 6240 Far Hills Ave. Dayton, OH 45459 Winning artists will have until Friday, Nov. 6th to finish their work. The murals will be ‘unveiled’ that evening at First Friday festivities.

‘Creative class’ is living up to name

You probably could guess that a phrase like “Don’t dog Dayton” wasn’t conceived by people over 50.

For more than a year now, a growing group of “young creatives” (not all of whom precisely fit that description with respect to age) has done more than just talk about what Dayton lacks. The good thing for Dayton is that they keep rolling out new work for themselves and the others they’re infecting with their passion and energy.

“Don’t dog Dayton” is one of the latest projects. The plan is to sponsor a video contest about goofy, serious, or important things going on Dayton, with an eye on what will catch on on YouTube. The hope is that when people Google Dayton, maybe they’ll stumble on something other than Forbes.com’s computer-generated, comically oversimplified, decidedly frustrating list of dying cities.

To read the rest of the editorial, click here

Updayton Action Plan Update

Community members invited to Action Plan Update and the Wayne Avenue Corridor Clean-Up Day

Dayton, Ohio – Updayton continues its focus on retaining young, educated talent with the development and progress of four unique projects led by young professionals.  All four groups will gather at the Action Plan Update on June 18 at 6 PM at the Cannery Art and Design Center (434 E. Third Street).   The community is invited to meet the four teams and learn how to get involved.

The Wayne Avenue Corridor project kicks-off with a Clean-Up Day on Saturday, June 20.  All community members are invited to meet at Garden Station (Wayne Ave. at 4th Ave.) at 4:30 PM with cleaning supplies.  The group will use this clean-up event to kick-off a focus on reviving the Wayne Avenue area between the Cannery and Oregon districts.   Once the clean-up is complete, volunteers are invited to Garden Station for a celebration with a bonfire, music and refreshments.  Future plans for the Wayne Avenue Corridor beautification include new fencing, painted murals, and fresh flowers along the avenue.

With a focus on the region’s younger population, the Community Programs for Youth project will engage the youth of the city in after-school activities.  Current efforts include compiling a list of current resources available to middle and high school youth and sharing the information with students not currently active in these projects.  With a particular attention to research, so not to duplicate current initiatives, this project is working with the City of Dayton Youth Commission to bridge the gap between similar efforts.

Recognizing that one of the region’s top obstacles is negative perceptions, the Grow Downtown Dayton project is challenging students and young professionals to think about the downtown region in a new way.  Although there are many initiatives in the works, the first focus for Grow Downtown Dayton is the “Why I love Dayton” video competition.  This project will also work to raise awareness about events already active in the region, with a particular focus on the downtown area.

Dayton Online is creating an online resource hub for visitors and locals to discover the people, places and events that make the region unique and exciting.  In addition to a catalog of information, Dayton Online will offer articles and personal insights so that users can feel personally connected to the activities by hearing stories from residents who are already heavily connected to the region and experienced with the events.

More detailed information on the four projects, the Action Plan Update, and the Wayne Avenue Corridor Clean-up Day is available at http://updayton.com.

Action Plan Update

We hope you will join us for our first Action Plan Update on June 18th at the Cannery Art & Design Center (434 E. Third St).  See the attached flyer for more info.  On the 18th the project teams will get back together to discuss the progress they’ve made over the past month and highlight their future plans.  We’ll also discuss some our key findings from the research we’ve done on young talent attraction and retention over the past year.

If you have been wanting to volunteer for one of the teams, the update could be a great opportunity to get engaged.  Please RSVP to me at  murphyjs@woh.rr.com.  After the update we’ll head over to Therapy Cafe for a drink or two.

Next steps after the Summit

Ready, Set, Summit

DAYTON, Ohio – The first annual Young Creatives Summit is this Saturday at the Dayton Convention Center from 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM. Registration begins at 9:30 AM. Hosted by updayton, with support from numerous sponsors, the Summit invites students and young professionals to come together to discuss the region’s challenges and brainstorm possible solutions. Registration is open now at http://updayton.com.

The Summit was modeled after the highly successful 40 Below Summit in Syracuse, NY. However, the Young Creatives Summit focuses on issues specific to the Dayton region. Topics to be discussed in small group breakout sessions include: job opportunities, entrepreneurship, entertainment options, school systems, livable communities, and civic engagement. These topics were selected as focus issues based upon results from updayton’s Fall 2008 research initiative.

The Summit will result in an implementable action plan. After ideas are generated within breakout sessions, participants will return to a Town Hall forum where the large group will vote on the best ideas for impacting the region. The top four ideas will become the next steps in creating a region where young people feel valued and are excited to live, work, and play.

Thanks to updayton’s many sponsors, the Summit is wildly affordable and includes discounts to many local venues. For only $15 ($5 for students), participants will have a say in shaping the future of the region, enjoy breakfast and lunch while networking with community leaders and fellow young professionals, and enjoy entertainment discounts. These discounts include: free entrance to the “Snuggie” pub crawl in the Oregon District, 20% off dinner at premier Oregon District restaurants, free popcorn at the Neon Movies, free coffee from Caffeine at Second Street Market, two-for-one entrance to the Canal Street Tavern’s “Songwriters-in-the-Round,” a hat and $5 in baseball bucks at a Dragons game, and more discounts available at the resource fair.

The resource fair provides participants with the opportunity to network with businesses, entertainment options, and volunteer opportunities throughout the region. Hosted by the Dayton Development Coalition, the resource fair will allow participants to learn about opportunities that exist in the Dayton region.

Many regional leaders value the input of this younger creative class. City Commissioners, County Commissioners and State Representatives will be present at the Summit to listen to the concerns and ideas of participants.

Sponsors for the Summit include: Dayton Development Coalition, Wright State University Center for Urban and Public Affairs, The Dayton Foundation, SOCHE, Andy Snow Photography, DaytonCREATE, Standard Register, QBase, and Honda. Summit media sponsors include: Dayton Daily News, WDTN Channel 2, Dayton’s CW, WYSO, and ActiveDayton.

The updayton 2009 Young Creatives Summit is on Saturday, April 18. The Young Creatives Summit will offer students and young professionals a chance to make a difference in the future of our city – and the power to help transform Dayton into a better place to live, work and play.

For information on updayton and the Young Creatives Summit, see http://updayton.com.

The Young Creatives Summit is On!

For More Information Contact:
Megan Cooper

Updayton Presents the Young Creatives Summit
Registration now open

Dayton – March 17, 2009 – Registration is now open at updayton’s website for the Young Creatives Summit.  On Saturday, April 18, updayton will host hundreds of the region’s talented and innovative young creatives at the Dayton Convention Center for the first Young Creatives Summit.  Young creatives are talented, innovative, under 40 years of age, and critical to the economic and cultural success of our region.

The Young Creatives Summit is scheduled on April 18 from 10:30AM – 3 PM.  After the Summit, area restaurants and bars are joining together to provide dinner at a discounted rate for Summit participants followed by a pub crawl which begins in the Oregon District at 8PM.  The full agenda is available on-line at http://updayton.com. Summit registration is $15 for professionals and $5 for students; the cost includes participation in the Summit and discounts at many local dining and entertainment establishments.

The first annual Young Creatives Summit will demonstrate the passion and power of young creatives in our region.  The centerpiece of the Summit is the “Town Hall” in which participants will brainstorm solutions to regional concerns that specifically affect the young creatives.  The day also includes a “meet the region” resource fair so that college students and young creatives may learn more about social and professional opportunities in the region.  The Summit is a forum for young professionals to air their concerns and state their needs to local leaders while working toward creating solutions, networking with other young adults and learning about regional opportunities.

Dayton’s numerous universities & highly skilled students give it more talent potential than most anywhere in the state, but too many graduates are slipping away.  Each young, creative professional that leaves the region is a missed economic opportunity.  At the Summit, Dayton’s diverse and innovative young creatives will propose their ideas to help the region better serve young talent and plug the brain drain.


Updayton Summit, page 2

In a survey of young creatives updayton conducted last year, over 55% of respondents under age 30 indicated they intend to move away from the Miami Valley within the next 5 years.  Furthermore, when asked about their needs for a place to live, the range of responses was too broad for one regional
stakeholder to address alone.  Local leaders must work together if they want to plug the brain drain. The
Summit is an opportunity for the many organizations across the community who all share an interest in the attraction and retention of young talent to develop a shared vision for plugging the brain drain.

Online registration is available at http://updayton.com.  Registrants will select a break-out session from a series of six topics.  The break-out sessions will focus on specific concerns important to young creatives (e.g. jobs, entertainment, schools, neighborhoods, etc) and break-out facilitators will help attendees move from regional shortfalls to brainstorming potential projects.  Young creatives will then come together in the town-hall forum to share ideas, vote on their favorite projects, and volunteer to be part of the change that’s coming in the region.


An initiative of the DaytonCREATE project, updayton strives to spur economic growth within the region by attracting and retaining young talent.  updayton is connecting young creative professionals to the Miami Valley and engaging them in the region’s decision making.

We are updayton.  Our members are of all ages, and we are passionate
about building a better Dayton.  When someone asks us where we live,
we are proud to call Dayton our home.

Perspectives and Pints: On Diversity

Updayton Summit

On April 18th young creatives will have a louder voice in our region. The Young Creatives Summit will offer young creative people like you a chance to make a difference in the future of our city – and the power to help transform Dayton into a better place to live, work and play.

The summit will feature a town hall type forum for you and your peers to air both your needs and concerns for the region. Dayton’s many stakeholders will be there – businesses, non-profits, universities and elected officials – so they can hear what you have to say. The summit will culminate in an action plan for the future of Dayton.

Click here for the tentative agenda

This is a crucial time in our region’s history and we have a unique opportunity to shape the future of the Miami Valley. For our action plan to get the attention it deserves, we need to show up in huge numbers on April 18th. Help us build a crowd – take the updayton Summit Challenge

  • Mark your calendar now – 4.18.09 – Summit registration will begin soon. Stay tuned.
  • Sign up to receive updates, and we’ll let you know when registration begins
  • Get involved with updayton: Email getinvolved@updayton.com

    Updayton’s Perspective & Pints

    Perspectives & Pints will meet Wed, March 11th from 6-8pm at the RTA Cultural Center, located at 40 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd.  This third event in our P&P series (leading up to the Young Creatives Summit on 4/18) will focus on diversity issues in our city and what we want from our city leaders to help address those issues.

    Come share in the discussion and let your voice be heard, then join us for a pint (or 2!) of your favorite beverage and camaraderie of your fellow young creatives.

    updayton hosts ‘Perspectives and Pints’ in preparation for Young Creatives Summit

    Andy Williamson expressed Dayton’s potential, saying “we’re the hub” for attracting visitors from other cities; he hopes larger venues choose to book popular music performers to cash in on our central location.  Amy Forsthoefel wants to find a single source online for all events happening across the region.  Damion Smith believes he would spend more time downtown if options other than bars were open later than 6 PM.  Although they have different ideas, they all agree that the entertainment opportunities are a major factor in where they plan to settle down and become part of the community.

    On Tuesday, February 10, updayton gathered over 40 young professionals in the Oregon District to discuss concerns and to determine what they want for entertainment and nightlife options in the region.  Lead by Scott Murphy and Tokz Awoshakin, the focus group provided updayton further direction in planning the April 18th Young Creatives Summit.

    Tuesday’s ‘Perspectives and Pints’ was the second in a series of focus groups to determine what young creative professionals want from the Dayton region.  Participants shared many positive aspects of the Dayton area such as world-class arts and cultural opportunities, friendly and creative people, and the feeling of being part of an exciting and diverse city during Urban Nights.  Some challenges to the area include a lack of walk-ability, transportation concerns, and a need for more affordable arts experiences.  In addition to this focus on entertainment issues, other P&P topics for discussion include communities and neighborhoods (December) and diversity (scheduled for March 11).

    ‘Perspectives and Pints’ is a series building up to updayton’s Young Creatives Summit on April 18.  This summit will focus specifically on the needs of young creatives.  In the current climate of economic development and change for the region, the needs of this younger creative demographic are especially important.  The decisions confronting these professionals are some of the most difficult and important they will make in life – choosing a job, selecting a city, and continuing education among others.  Understanding what influences these choices is critical to plugging the brain drain that plagues our region.

    What is a “young creative”?  Young creatives are the next generation of the creative class.  They are engineers, poets, lawyers, computer programmers, scientists, artists and architects – anyone between 18-40 who creates for a living. Young creatives are vital to the economic success of a region and must have influence in regional plans for development.  Updayton invites all young creatives to join together and speak to business and civic leaders about directions for the region at the Young Creatives Summit on April 18, 2009.

    DaytonCREATE catalyst Drew Fuller (updayton.) featured in Dayton Business Journal

    Demand high for pro bono work
    Dayton Business Journal – by Mary Beth Lehman DBJ Staff Reporter

    Drew Fuller, a lawyer with Dayton-based Sebaly Shillito and Dyer, has made it his mission to give back by doing pro bono work for clients who cannot afford legal services.

    Working with an elderly woman who could not afford an attorney, Drew Fuller worked pro bono to assist her in getting custody of her grandchildren, and saving them from a bad situation.

    “I feel most fulfilled when the people feel less intimidated by the legal system,” Fuller said.

    When Fuller became a lawyer, he made it his mission to give back. Since becoming an associate with Sebaly Shillito and Dyer, he has been involved in pro bono work, logging upwards of 50 to 75 hours a year. He also conducts monthly workshops with the Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project, Dayton’s pro bono organization, offering legal assistance to clients who cannot afford it.

    Read More!

    Summit Planning Meeting @ 2nd Street Market 12:15pm

    The Summit is not just the town-hall!  Updayton is proud to announce that the Dayton Development Coalition has agreed to lead a resource fair! After the conclusion of the town-hall, DDC will present a resource fair bringing together 40-50 organizations from around the region that want to introduce themselves to young creatives.  The summit brings together many professional and civic leaders who care about the development and success of young talent in the region.  These companies, organizations, and groups care about keeping young creatives in the region, too!
    Be involved at the Summit on Saturday, April 18, 2009

    updayton. January Newsletter

    What has updayton been doing lately? Find out about Perspectives and Pints and news about the Young Creatives Summit in their January newsletter:

    Perspectives and Pints: Young creatives claimed their community

    On Monday, December 15 a large group of young professionals gathered to find a common voice in determining important aspects for their community. Lead by Scott Murphy and Tokz Awoshakin, the focus group provided updayton direction for the planning of the April 18th Young Creatives Summit.

    The first Perspectives and Pints focused on positive and negative aspects in communities throughout the region. Participants shared many positive aspects of the Dayton area such as cost of living, ease of transportation, great entertainment options, and the feeling that Dayton is a “big, small town” where people can feel connected to the community. Some challenges to the area include a lack of walk-ability and an abundance of vacant buildings.

    Although the focus of the conversation was on the young professionals, stakeholders in the region were there to listen to our needs, share their current projects, and bring our message back to their organizations. Theresa Gasper, Mike Martin, and Dr. Mike Ervin all contributed to the conversation and provided insight into upcoming development in the city. A lively exchange occurred when one young professional expressed a need for a stronger physical connection between destination areas (i.e. Schuster, Oregon, Fifth-Third Field) and Dr. Ervin was able to share a plan in the works where that need for connection may be met.

    This focus group proved to be a very valuable step in preparation for the Young Creatives Summit. Updayton learned more about the specific needs of young professionals in the region so a fully developed concept and unified voice will be presented to city leadership at the summit. Young creatives are assured to have influence in the development and betterment of the region.

    Perspectives and Pints continues next month on January 27 at Blind Bob’s in the Oregon District at 6 PM. The topic for January is the entertainment and nightlife in the region. All young professionals who work or live in the Dayton region are invited to come out and discuss what they enjoy and what they would like to see for the nightlife in Dayton.

    Download the full press release: pr_dec_perspectives

    ‘Perspectives and Pints’ updayton asks: What’s your community?

    Perspectives and Pints is a series of casual focus group opportunities.  Young creatives

    from the region are invited to discuss important issues and concerns in choosing a city. The focus of this meeting will be entetrainment and nightlife.  To better understand the needs of young professionals in the region, updayton is hosting  Perspectives and Pints on Tues, Feb 10th at 6pm  at Blind Bob’s in the Oregon District.  Participants should RSVP to murphyjs@woh.rr.com.

    The first session was held Jan 15th.  Special guests included Theresa Gasper, the President of Full Circle Development, and Dr. Mike Ervin, a long-time Dayton supporter and advocate for the Oregon Arts District.

    These focus group sessions will provide direction in the planning for the Young Creatives
    Summit, scheduled  for April 18.  Group member Scott Murphy said, “The first step in un-
    derstanding the needs of young creatives in our region was the distribution of the survey;
    these mini town hall sessions will provide more depth to our understanding of what can
    make the Dayton region attractive to recent college graduates and young professionals.”

    Upcoming Perspectives and Pints are planned to discuss entertainment and nightlife
    (January), diversity (February), and jobs and business growth (March) in preparation for
    the Young Creatives Summit in April.

    Updayton Summit Planning Meeting

    The Young Creatives Summit will bring together diverse young  talent, business leaders, non-profits, universities and elected officials to address the flight of young talent from the
    region.  We will focus on the concerns of young people, engage them in the region’s decision-making process, and build a shared vision of how the region can be improved.  Your voice for the future of the region will be heard!

    At our next Summit meeting we’ll be discussing the format of our Summit Town Hall with Dr.

    Jack Dustin of Wright State University’s Center for Urban and Public Affairs.  The summit is schedule for April 18, 2009.


    November 18 at 5:30 PM
    Human Relations Council

    371 West Second St.
    Downtown Dayton

    Contact Catherine Crosby to get involved!

    Updayton sets afterwork socials* DATE CHANGE

    * Well ok, these will eventually be held the 4th Friday, but due to the holidays, we are combining the Nov & Dec meeting and holding it on Dec 5th.  Hey, at least that is a Friday and it follows the 4th, so we’re kind of sticking to the schedule.  All right, let’s face it-we just needed a reason to get together and have a cocktail-please join us!
    Century Bar – 10 S. Jefferson St.,
    Downtown Dayton

    After Work Socials – 4th Friday of every month
    Contact Scott Murphy at:

    Discussion: updayton Survey Results

    Dear updayton volunteers,

    Please join us on Tuesday, October 14th to discuss the results of our survey in which over 500 people in the Dayton region responded. Hopefully, from these results we will have a better idea about what topics would interest our participants as we plan our break out sessions for the summit. We are also hoping to listen to your ideas about the selection of a keynote speaker for the event.

    We will have some light appetizers and soda for you as we figure you may be coming right from work.

    So, we will see you on Tuesday, October 14th at 6:00 p.m. at the Caryl D. Philips Creativity Center at 116 N. Jefferson Street, between 1st and 2nd streets in downtown Dayton.

    Thanks so much for your participation and enthusiasm about the updayton initiative!

    Marilyn Klaben
    Volunteer Coordinator

    updayton:Discuss Future Events and Brainstorm New Ideas

    Discuss Future Events and Brainstorm New Ideas with the updayton Team at Next Monthly Meeting

    Discuss Future Events and Brainstorm New Ideas with the updayton Team

    When: Wednesday, October 8th
    What: updayton.initiatives monthly meeting
    Where: The Incubator (20 N. Jefferson St. Downtown Dayton)
    When: 6:00pm – ?

    Hope to see you there!


    updayton.org (under development)

    Read about our initiative here.

    Read all of our past DaytonCREATE posts here.

    Download updayton October Newsletter; Next Meetings Annnounced Inside


    updayton Helps College Students Claim Dayton as Their Adoptive Hometown

    (Dayton, OH) – September 15, 2008 – Dayton Campus Connect Introduces Regional College Students to the Advantages of Living and Learning in Dayton

    Diversity. Art. Recreation. Technology. Green. These were some of the words that local college students claimed as their favorite attributes of Dayton—or areas they would like to see emphasized and enhanced in the region.

    Dayton Campus Connect kicked-off the school year – and their Web site – with a “Welcome to Dayton” party at Courthouse Square on Saturday. The event was open to all area college students and offered music, activities, and lots of prizes and giveaways. Updayton was there to listen to the concerns of the students.

    Updayton participated in the kick-off with an interactive art project. Each student stopping by the table was challenged to claim Dayton as their own city by writing down what they like best about their community, their ideas for change, and, if not from the area, the reasons that they chose Dayton as their adoptive hometown. Throughout the event, what was a blank slate was filled with both attributes of the area as well as aspects of Dayton that may need to be enhanced. Together the students created a mural by overlapping their perspectives of what the city can become. Team members Megan Cooper, Drew Fuller, Jennifer Fuller, Scott Murphy, and Hillary Steberl were thrilled to be part of the event.

    With over 70,000 students in the Dayton region, updayton strives to engage young people in regional initiatives and be the voice for the young creatives. Steberl says, “as cliché as it may sound, these students really are the future of Dayton and that is why it is so important for them to share their pride in our community. Updayton is taking steps to engage young people by being a grassroots movement that empowers everyone to join us and make their visions of the Dayton area come to a realization.”

    Updayton will continue to engage college students and young professionals in preparation for their first Young Creatives Summit planned for April 2009. Updayton members will be present at various local festivals and on college campuses as well as active in the community through services projects, recreational opportunities and sports leagues. Anyone who is interested in participating in summit planning or community engagement should contact updayton through getinvolved@updayton.com or attend the next meeting on Wednesday, October 8 at 6PM at 20 N. Jefferson Street.

    The Dayton Campus Connect kick-off gave updayton the chance to meet a lot of excited students ready to get involved in Dayton. The centerpiece of the Dayton Campus Connect initiative is a new Web site, www.daytoncampusconnect.com, which offers numerous student discounts at area merchants as well as guides to local activities and an event calendar. It is offered as a “one-stop reference for things to do in Dayton.” For more information on Dayton Campus Connect, visit their website.

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