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updayton, Victoria Theatre and Gregory’s Piano Bar to bring a Beatle’s-Themed Evening of Entertainment, Music and Spirits to area’s Young Professionals

updayton has collaborated with the Victoria Theatre Association’s Michelob Ultra Cool Film Series and Gregory’s Piano Bar to host a Beatles-themed evening of entertainment and social networking for the region’s young professionals.

The Beatles film A Hard Day’s Night is the final presentation of the popular summer film series presented by the Victoria Theatre Association. For just $4.75, patrons can enjoy the classic Beatles film in the beautiful setting of the Victoria Theatre. updayton invites residents interested in fostering growth in the Dayton area out on opening night, Friday, August 22, to see the film at 7:30 PM. Immediately following the movie, the group will travel across Main Street to Gregory’s Piano Bar where Beatles music and Beatles-themed drink specials will continue the entertainment.

updayton is committed to finding new and innovative ways for young professionals to utilize Southwest Ohio’s world-class resources. For more information on updayton and this event, view the press release.

updayton Seeks Needs of Young Professionals With Survey

updayton seeks to assess the needs of young professionals in the area and has created a survey with three goals:

    (1) To address assumptions about the flight of young professionals from the Dayton-Springfield region
    (2) To gather information about topics and resources that will most benefit young professionals at a proposed summit in the spring of 2009
    (3) To provide community, political and economic development leadership with feedback so that future efforts may better serve and retain young professionals in our region

For more information, view the entire updayton press release. For questions about this survey please contact: survey@updayton.com


We thank you for your time!

updayton Joins with the City of Dayton’s Summer in the City

Combined Effort Works to Introduce College Interns to the
Benefits of Living and Working in the City

updayton has teamed with the City of Dayton to help make the second Summer in the City a success by providing local young professionals to act as mentors to college-aged students.

An initiative of the City of Dayton Commission office, Summer in the City reaches out to college students to demonstrate the advantages of living and working in the area through workshops, networking, and social activities over the course of an 11-week program. The program invites young professionals in the region to act as mentors in sharing their experiences with the summer interns. updayton has provided approximately one-third of the mentors participating in this year’s Summer in the City program.

updayton, a community empowerment organization, works to connect young talent to the city. updayton fights to combat the ‘brain drain’ of students coming to Dayton for an college education and then leaving the region for post-graduate employment. updayton volunteer mentors include scientists, lawyers, educators, activists, and artists; each participating member has been matched with an intern with similar professional goals.

Erin Fuller from the City Commission office has been facilitating the collaboration between updayton and the Summer in the City program. Fuller said, “updayton has been a wonderful asset for Summer in the City. We are excited to have updayton as a partner, and we look forward to strengthening our collaboration in upcoming years.”

Click the link to read updayton’s entire press release: summer-in-the-city-pr.doc

updayton: Location of Next Sub-Initiative Meeting Changed

Please note; the location of the next updayton meeting has been changed!

The updated information is as follows:

Next Sub-Initiative Committee Meeting
Wednesday, July 9th at 5:30 p.m.

Gregory’s Piano Bar
139 N. Main Street, Downtown Dayton

updayton Committee Meetings

Over the summer, updayton has a number of sub-initiative events and meetings that could use your help:

Next Young Creatives Summit Planning Committee Meeting
Tuesday, June 17th at 6:30 p.m.
Human Relations Council
371 West Second Street, Ste 100, Downtown Dayton

Next Sub-Initiative Committee Meeting
Wednesday, July 9th at 5:30 p.m.
Victoria Theatre
138 North Main Street, Downtown, Dayton

Contact Drew Fuller to get involved with these updayton committees: DFuller@ssdlaw.com

updayton draws crowd at first volunteer meeting

On May 22, 2008, more than 50 people attended the first updayton volunteer meeting held at the Cannery Art & Design Center in Dayton, OH. The updayton press release details the meeting: updayton-press-release-052208-volunteer-meeting.doc.

Also, pictures of the event, taken by Andy Snow, can be seen here.

The First updayton. Volunteer Meeting


Please distribute widely– and save the date!

Thursday, May 22, 2008
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Cannery Art and Design Center
434 East Third Street, downtown Dayton

UpDayton Volunteer Meeting


Young Creatives Summit Update

Since Last Week
1) We are meeting with other teams in the region who have young professional initiatives.
2) We have completed the business plan (which is now in the final review process).
3) We met with Summer in the City to consider a joint effort with their mentoring program.
4) Planning Committee is formulating a meeting with Volunteers.
5) We have a temporary date for the summit (currently called the Springboard Summit).
6) Developed “Talking Points” for summit team (under review).
7) Communication plan 99% complete (under review).