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Great Enthusiasm for Dayton at “This Is Dayton” Recruiting Event

Nearly 25 people came out to the recruiting event for “This is Dayton” at the Cannery Art & Design Center on Tuesday the 15th. Some interesting observations– it seemed like most in the room were not originally from Dayton, and probably half of those transplants spent some time in Michigan. It’s exciting to see non-natives want to jump in and promote how great it is in Dayton– that’s a great testimonial to our wonderful city.

We asked everyone what they liked most about Dayton and some of the comments included:

  • Dayton is easily navigable; lack of traffic jams; travel time within 20-30 minutes to just about any activity
  • Dayton people are very generous, inclusive, friendly and hard working
  • Dayton is small enough to run into people you know when you’re out, but big enough that some times you won’t run into someone you know
  • Many commented on the strength of the arts culture in Dayton
  • Several said they couldn’t quite put their finger on it, but there is something very special here – especially when it comes to creativity & innovation.

So we talked a lot about the initiative and the various ways to get involved and then let people sign up and mingle for a bit. The primary committee usually meets once a week, but our weekly meeting today will be “brand orientation” from the City of Dayton and the Dayton Development Coalition to see how we can tie everything together. Next week we’ll have our usual meeting, divide up the volunteers and start forming the committees.

If you still want to get involved, please contact Theresa Gasper at tgasper@fullcircledayton.com and she’ll add you to the list of volunteers and keep you in the loop. If you were there, we will be getting in touch with you within two weeks to get the ball rolling. Thanks to everyone who attended and to those that expressed an interest but were unable to attend.

“This Is Dayton” Call for Volunteers: Recruiting Event

Press Release:  For Immediate Release

Contact Info:
“This is Dayton”
Communications:  Theresa Gasper  937-477-9766 or tgasper@fullcircledayton.com
Co-Chairs:  David Seyer 937-609-9433 or dseyer@cultureworks.com
        Susan Byrnes  937/229-5101 or

“This is Dayton” Call for Volunteers

“This is Dayton” one of one of the five Creative Class Initiatives taking shape in Dayton.  They will be holding a recruiting session for volunteers on Tuesday, July 15th, from 5-7pm at the Cannery Art & Design Center at 434 East Third Street.  

The catalysts and committee members of “This is Dayton” recognize that Dayton has an inferiority complex and are on a mission to turn that around.   “This is Dayton” wants to hear from the community about how we can work together to educate each other what we do best, who are best & brightest stars, what areas do we excel at so much that other communities model themselves after us.

This group wants community involvement and has identified several different ways for citizens to get involved.  Whether you are into research or public speaking, creating art or marketing it, or if you just love Dayton and want to tell the world why, here are some opportunities for you to get involved.  They include (but are not limited to):

·    A poster contest (one for adults, one for K-12).  Winning entries will be blown up on 5’x8′ posters and placed throughout the region in vacant storefront windows, on billboards, etc.

·    Data Mining – researching areas where Dayton is considered “best in class” or unique and out in front of other communities

·    Radio Interviews – a weekly format interviewing Daytonians as to what they love most about their community or what they are doing to make a difference.

·    YouTube contest – produce your own YouTube video reflecting what you see good about Dayton

·    Art Exhibit – for 3 dimensional entries

·    Ambassadors – volunteers who will take the message of “This is Dayton” and the Creative Class initiative out into the community; as well as interview various clubs and organizations to find out what makes them proud of Dayton

·    Connecting to the Outside World – how do we communicate externally our message and put Dayton on the map (ultimately enticing others to relocate to Dayton)

If you have any interest in getting involved in this Initiative, please come to the recruiting event on the 15th for more information.  If you are unable to attend, please contact any of the above.

The Core Committee of “This is Dayton” includes Co-Chairs David Seyer and Susan Byrnes; Communications Contact Theresa Gasper, and Sally Struthers, Carol Sampson, Bridget Oaks, Donna Martin, Diane Graham and Marianne Kirk.  for more information, please check back often at www.DaytonCREATE.org. 


“This Is Dayton” Volunteer Information Meeting

What: This is Dayton Volunteer Information Meeting

When: 5pm – 7pm Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where: The Cannery

“This is Dayton” wants to let residents know how exciting and creative the Dayton region is.

“What is your Dayton?”

We are looking for people who can express “This is Dayton” with video, radio and poster form but are open to alternative forms of expression. We need volunteers to serve as ambassadors to a variety of regional community groups. We need people to help with an adult and k-12 poster contest. We also need people to collect data for use with the posters and web site. Even if you’re skills do not lie in the “creative,” we need help in all avenues of organization, execution, etc.

“This is Dayton” will hold an informational meeting on July 15th at The Cannery on Third Street. Please come join us from 5-7 pm to help build the excitement.

This Is Dayton at Urban Nights, Friday May 16

“This Is Dayton” will offer a sneak peak of their initiative during Urban Nights on Friday, May 16th.

“This is Dayton” is designed to reflect positive facts and images back to the community to remind us daily of our region’s valuable assets.

“This Is Dayton” is focused on improving our region’s capacity for what Richard Florida refers to as “tolerance” by reflecting on Dayton as a community that values its assets of diverse residents, distinctive character, and significant innovation. In order to improve perceptions of the quality of life in Dayton, this initiative is designed to celebrate these assets that make Dayton a great place to live, and support the growth of creative individuals whom we hope to retain, as well as cultivate in the future.

Over the course of a year, representations of our diverse and innovative community will be collected and shared with the Dayton region. The project will invite participation from the community to express its own vision.

Forty posters with the two initial designs will be displayed around the downtown area. “This is Dayton” invites you to let us know, “What’s your Dayton?” Volunteers will be available throughout Urban Nights to answer questions and listen to suggestions for our next series of posters. We will also be looking for volunteers for future projects.

Community input is crucial to the success of this initiative. Let us know what you love about the region and begin thinking of ways you can visually portray your sense of pride in a poster format.

For more information, contact Theresa Gasper at tgasper@fullcircledayton.com or 937/477-9766 – or look for volunteers wearing “This is Dayton” t-shirts at Urban Nights on Friday, May 16, 2008,, in Downtown Dayton.

See you there!

“This Is Dayton” Reveals First Posters

Download, Print, and Post!

This Is Dayton believes that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Show your support of the Dayton Region by printing and posting these upbeat posters all around town– in your car window, your kitchen window, the bulletin board at your favorite grocery or hangout. Dayton- get proud!


Or view the pdf with larger versions: daytoncreate1_2.pdf

Design by Amanda Romero & Kyle Fisk

“This Is Dayton” Seeks Input

From Theresa Gasper of “This Is Dayton”:

We need some feedback. Our overall initiative is “This is Dayton” which is to help Dayton over its inferiority complex. The goal is to reflect positive facts & images to the community reminding them of all our great assets. We believe it’s too easy to get caught up in what is wrong with us, but forget to stop and remember what is great about us as well. If we can shift the focus, we may be able to turn the inferiority complex into a strong sense of community pride.

We’ve had some discussion about starting out with a defined style sheet and establishing “This is Dayton” but that it could possibly evolve to “this is Trotwood” or “This is WSU or UD” or “This is Beavercreek” or even “this is XYZ Church or fraternity or organization”. All of which would use the same style sheet, just reflect their own particular points of pride.

On the one hand – I think we should stick with “This is Dayton” as a unifying theme for the Region. Like I’ve said in other posts, Dayton is the dot on the map or the destination on the highway signs. Many of us think a regional form of government would be better than the current way, so maybe this initiative should follow suit?

On the other, I think an easy way to establish our measure of success would be to see how many other organizations jump on board with an emphasis on their particular corner of the region. I believe a rising tide lifts all boats – so if we see each individual pocket increase its self esteem or self image, does it not increase the overall self esteem of the region? Or does it just reinforce a sense of separateness rather than collaboration?

What do you think???

Join the discussion in the Dayton Most Metro Forums!!

“This Is Dayton” Initiative Update

Since Last Week
As we add new members, the discussion changes. Our original intention- to roll out the initial posters for the May 16th Urban Nights- is changing as our ideas and our options evolve. We will take the next week or so to finalize the Project Charter and make sure we’ve got a solid plan to move forward with. Once the plan is more refined, we will focus on growing the team as well as rolling out some of the posters.

The Changing Vision
We’re discussing making it more in tune with Tolerance or Diversity. While our initiative ultimately touches on talent, technology, territorial assets and tolerance, we felt in light of the other initiatives’ missions, we might want to focus more on diversity/tolerance. So we’ve decided to take a step back, focus on the project charter and hope that brings our vision into greater focus. As anxious as we are to get something out for the public as soon as possible, we want to make sure we’re rolling out a strong, viable product or vision.

The Challenge
Getting and keeping everyone focused on the same mission; as we add new members, new ideas surface. While this is good, it can pull us off target. We’re trying to figure out how to define the goal, recruit new members, and utilize their feedback without rehashing previous discussions or losing momentum.

We have suggested that the overall task force focus on fundraising so that each of the initiatives aren’t knocking on the same donors’ doors asking for money.
We also want to develop an “Adopt a Highway” approach, and that will require getting some firm pricing and quotes so we can develop options for potential donors and sponsors.
We have identified graphic artists to help us with the design, and a couple of sources for producing them, but haven’t finalized all the details yet.

We’ve discussed a need for greater diversity among our group. We could use more 20-somethings, more ethnic backgrounds, and some socio-economic or educational diversity. Contact David Seyer at dseyer@cultureworks.org or Susan Byrnes at byrnes@udayton.edu to get involved.

“This Is Dayton” Initiative

The “This Is Dayton” Initiative is focused on rebuilding community pride. The initiative will highlight the region’s many unique assets and diverse population through billboard advertising, kiosks, bus signage, and window signage throughout the region. By rebuilding community pride, residents will become ambassadors promoting the area’s strengths- thus making the region attractive to non-residents and employers considering relocating.

Team Catalysts:
Sally Struthers
Carol Sampson
David Seyer
Bing Davis
Susan Byrnes
Theresa A. Gasper

Next Steps:
1) Research and Development of the community service advertising campaign.
2) Develop fundraising strategy.
3) Build committees.

The “This Is Dayton” group meets every Wednesday, 3:00 p.m., at Bing Davis Studios, 1135 W. Third Street, Dayton.
Volunteers and interested parties are encouraged to attend, and can contact Dave Seyer for more information: 937.222.2787 or dseyer@cultureworks.org.

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