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“This Is Dayton” Initiative

The “This Is Dayton” Initiative is focused on rebuilding community pride. The initiative will highlight the region’s many unique assets and diverse population through billboard advertising, kiosks, bus signage, and window signage throughout the region. By rebuilding community pride, residents will become ambassadors promoting the area’s strengths- thus making the region attractive to non-residents and employers considering relocating.

Team Catalysts:
Sally Struthers
Carol Sampson
David Seyer
Bing Davis
Susan Byrnes
Theresa A. Gasper

Next Steps:
1) Research and Development of the community service advertising campaign.
2) Develop fundraising strategy.
3) Build committees.

The “This Is Dayton” group meets every Wednesday, 3:00 p.m., at Bing Davis Studios, 1135 W. Third Street, Dayton.
Volunteers and interested parties are encouraged to attend, and can contact Dave Seyer for more information: 937.222.2787 or dseyer@cultureworks.org.

The Innovation Collaborative Initiative

The area’s rich concentration of artists, engineers and skilled workers are unique regional assets. Our mission is to integrate these talented groups into synergistic relationships to stimulate a stronger economy and promote job creation through innovative collaboration.

To initiate this collaborative discussion, our group will issue an annual challenge to collaborative teams of artists, engineers and skilled workers. This challenge will culminate in a celebration open to the community where these teams will unveil their innovative solutions. The first challenge will be to “Walk on Water.”

The Innovation Collaborative Team hopes to partner with local universities and businesses, civic organizations and government, as well as interested artists, engineers, skilled workers and entrepreneurs. The first challenge will likely be issued in the Fall of 2008, and the community event is anticipated to take place in Spring of 2009.

Team Members:
Sarah Ammar
Patrick Martin
Larry Jenkins
Ojustwin Naik
Art Williams
Sharon Williamson 

 Next Steps:
1) Research event logistics.
2) Formulate rules and requirements of challenge.
3) Develop collaborative partnerships with individuals and organizations.
4) Explore potential directions for seed-funding and “re-invent” programs.

The first public meeting will be held in mid-April. Volunteers and potential partners are encouraged to contact Sarah Ammar (sammar86@gmail.com).

The Film Dayton Initiative

The Film Dayton Initiative is concerned with supporting, retaining, and attracting local creative talent, a key indicator of the region’s ability to achieve economic competitiveness in a creative economy. Film Dayton will leverage existing assets of regional filmmakers, cast and crew, institutional programs, and related technology in order to grow the existing industry and to export the region’s film product. This will raise awareness of the region and it’s strengths.

The goals of Film Dayton are to establish an endowment that will fund grants to local filmmakers who are making films in the region, and to host an annual film festival- beginning in 2009- eventually featuring films funded by Film Dayton.

Team Members:
Debra Wilburn
Ron Rollins
Andy Snow
Matt Joseph
Drew Fuller

Current Steps:
1) Research creation of film festival.
2) Develop a business plan.
3) Identify donors, establish endowment.

The first major volunteer meeting is expected to be held in April- check back for more information soon!

The Dayton Creative Incubator Initiative

The Dayton Creative Incubator Initiative is conceived as a project to bring life back to one or several of our vacant downtown spaces by working with building owners to allow local artists to use the spaces for creating and displaying art- as well as providing community spaces where artists, musicians and other creatives can hang out, network and simply exchange creative ideas.

Team Catalysts: 
Kate Ervin
Anne Rasmussen
Bob Parks
Tom Thickel
Bill Pote

Team Members:
Kristen Wicker
Eva Makstutis
Tess Cortes

Next Steps:
1) Identify volunteers to join the team.
2) Survey potential users (artists, musicians, etc.) and gather information on their specific needs and wants.
3) Identify current examples of community spaces similar to the team’s ideas.
4) Talk to developers and and building managers for input; identify potential partners.
5) Develop marketing materials and an outreach program, both to artists, building owners/managers, and the public.

Volunteers or potential partners are encouraged to contact Kate Ervin: 937.554.8865 or kate.ervin@cityofdayton.org 

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