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Film Dayton Announces Officers

Film Dayton, comprised of community leaders, film makers, and other interested parties, has filled key executive roles. Gloria Skurski will serve as president, Ron Rollins and Debra Wilburn as vice presidents, and Matt Joseph as secretary. Film Dayton is currently an all volunteer organization.

Gloria Skurski is Director of Education and Broadcast Services for ThinkTV – Greater Dayton Public Television. Since joining ThinkTV in 1995, Skurski has been responsible for the development of broadcast and non-broadcast initiatives, including documentaries, cultural programming, public affairs programming, and multimedia curriculum packages. She also oversees ThinkTV’s services K-12 schools, including early childhood programs and media-on-demand services. For her work with ThinkTV, Skurski has won three Midwest Regional Emmy Awards.

Prior to joining ThinkTV, Gloria Skurski worked for eight years at CBS News in New York, in the documentaries and public affairs division. Before turning to broadcasting, she served as executive director of the Riverside Shakespeare Company in New York City. Skurski’s husband, Stuart McDowell, is chair of the Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures Department at Wright State University.

“Gloria has visibility in the film and general community, a history of support for regional film culture and events, and business and cultural connections. She has fully embraced the Film Dayton mission from the beginning. Her professional experience speaks to her ability to fill the practical aspects of the Film Dayton presidency. I’m pleased to see the initiative in the hands of such capable leadership,” said Debra Wilburn, who generated the idea for Film Dayton.

Vice Presidents Wilburn and Ron Rollins, Managing Editor at the Dayton Daily News, were two of thirty two Creative Catalysts selected for the March 2008 Creative Communities Leadership Project training workshop, sponsored by twenty-eight area businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, and individuals. Richard Florida and staff from the Creative Class Group led the group in developing initiatives designed to strengthen regional assets that contribute to the creative economy.

Founding members of Film Dayton who now serve as officers include Wilburn, Rollins, and City Commissioner Matt Joseph. Other Creative Catalysts serving as Film Dayton planning committee members include Drew Fuller and Lisa Grigsby. Filmmaker Steve Bognar, producer Karri O’Reilly, and City Commission aide Erin Fuller round out the planning group. To date, Film Dayton has expanded to include thirty additional volunteers, including filmmakers, producers, composers, talent professionals, legal specialists, entrepreneurs, theatre management, scriptwriters, and nonprofit managers.

General goals of Film Dayton are supporting regional filmmaking; cultivating regional film audiences; and developing the next generation of filmmakers and film audiences. Film Dayton expects to develop a grant program; mount a film festival; showcase regional films; promote a calendar of regional film related events; and advocate for more film production in the region.

For more information, contact Film Dayton secretary and communications liaison Matt Joseph, matt.joseph@cityofdayton.org, 937.333.4991.

updayton Committee Meetings

Over the summer, updayton has a number of sub-initiative events and meetings that could use your help:

Next Young Creatives Summit Planning Committee Meeting
Tuesday, June 17th at 6:30 p.m.
Human Relations Council
371 West Second Street, Ste 100, Downtown Dayton

Next Sub-Initiative Committee Meeting
Wednesday, July 9th at 5:30 p.m.
Victoria Theatre
138 North Main Street, Downtown, Dayton

Contact Drew Fuller to get involved with these updayton committees: DFuller@ssdlaw.com

“This Is Dayton” on Tolerance; Shattering Stereotypes

Thanks to committee member, Donna Martin, for sharing this music video by Ice Cube called Race Card. The basic premise is the world isn’t black & white and not to believe in stereotypes.

Pay particular attention to the end of the video with images & labels. We believe this could be an excellent starting point for a poster initiative for the This is Dayton community pride initiative. Why?

It speaks directly to what Richard Florida refers to as one of the four T’s – Tolerance. It’s about diversity, but also refers to accepting people who are different than you. Diversity and acceptance is important to the Creative Class and they are drawn to open minded communities.

It personalizes “This is Dayton” and makes it about the people and not as much about the geography. It doesn’t matter if the people shown are from Beavercreek, Trotwood or Springfield. It’s about shattering stereotypes.

If nothing else, it just makes you stop and think…. so what do YOU think? Would you or someone you know be interested in being a “model” for these posters and share something about yourself that might surprise people?

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