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Creative Incubator To Vitalize Vacant Downtown Space; Next Meeting Scheduled

20 N Jefferson Street Community Space

The Dayton Creative Incubator Initiative is in discussions with Downtown Dayton Holdings, LLC, owner of the building at 20 N. Jefferson Street in downtown Dayton with the intention of leasing and utilizing the first floor space for community events and activities. This space is approximately 5000 square feet, and currently is in a rough condition, but will be prepared to hold temporary exhibits, events and activities.

DaytonCREATE Catalyst/Initiative Team Member Social
Wednesday, August 6, 5:30 – 7:30, 20 N Jefferson Street Community Space

The first event the Creative Incubator is holding at 20 N. Jefferson St. is a social for catalysts and initiative team members to come together for a relaxing, fun evening of information sharing and socializing. We hope this event will be the first in a series of monthly socials that will help catalysts and initiative team members from all five initiatives connect with each other on a regular basis. We’ll have food, wine, music and lots and lots of chatter. If you are a catalyst or active initiative team member, we’ll see you then!

Dayton Ladyfest
September 12-14, 20 N Jefferson Street Community Space

The Dayton Creative Incubator Initiative is in discussions with a group of local women who are in the process of planning the first Dayton Ladyfest. The Initiative, through our relationship with Downtown Dayton Holdings, LLC is planning to provide Dayton Ladyfest with the venue (20 N Jefferson Street Community Space) to hold this three day event. Ladyfest will be an official participant of Urban Nights and is planning live music performances, art exhibits and daytime workshops throughout the entire weekend.

Dayton Creative Incubator Committee Meeting

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Dayton Creative Incubator Committee will be held at 20 Jefferson Street on Thursday, July 31 at 5:30.

Film Dayton Fund Raiser Attracts and Pleases Crowd

Film Dayton, the Miami Valley Restaurant Association, and the Cannery Art & Design Center collaborated for a successful Sneak Peek, the gourmet prelude to Miami Valley Restaurant Week. On Tuesday, July 22, from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m., an enthusiastic, multi-generational crowd of nearly 300 mingled inside the galleries and on the glittered sidewalk at the Cannery Art & Design Center, 434 E. Third Street.

Sneak Peek included artfully presented and well received menu samplings from ten area restaurants and complementary bar service, staged in the colorful and creative space of the CADC Gallery.

Following the dinner hour, guests moved to the 520 Cannery Space for the preview of “From Sketch Pad to Screen,” an exhibit of 1700 J. Todd Anderson storyboards from No Country for Old Men, Leatherheads and The Big Lebowski. In a first of its kind exhibit, the entire collection of storyboards for each movie was presented in chronological order, demonstrating the art of film preproduction.

J. Todd Anderson, who grew up in Dayton, attended Wright State University, and lives in Oakwood, took the stage and talked about the process he follows when working with directors such as Joel and Ethan Coen, George Clooney, and currently Drew Barrymore.

Lobbying for the effort to attract film studios to Dayton, Anderson called out to reporters in the audience. “I’m going on record,” he said, and challenged the city to offer tax incentives for filmmaking. Anderson was met with cheers and applause when he shouted “Dayton can be the leader in Ohio!”

Anderson selected a volunteer from the audience who joined him on stage to describe an imagined movie scene, which Anderson sketched in storyboard form. To demonstrate the process of storyboarding, Anderson quizzed the ‘director’ for more details and incorporated them into the storyboard, explaining camera angles, point of view, transitions between shots, use of storyboard symbols, and other techniques. He also entertained the crowd with personal anecdotes about directors and stars.

After the featured presentation, guests enjoyed music by the Nick Kizirnis Band, with networking and socializing spilling onto the Third Street sidewalk
until 10:00 p.m.

Review Dayton Daily News photos of the July 22nd Sneak Peek event here.

Photos of the event by Andy Snow available here.

Sneak Peek raises dine-out awareness for Restaurant Week, July 27 through
August 1. During Restaurant Week, diners can enjoy three course meals at participating restaurants for $20.08 per person. July 22nd was the fourth Sneak Peek event in the Miami Valley. View more details here.

Left-Brain/Right Brain Challenge Kickoff and the Outrageous River Derby

You are invited to the sneak peak of a fun, collaborative project between “left-brained” and “right-brained” types as Innovation Collaborative shakes up our regional talent.

Click the image to read the full size invitation, and don’t forget to stick around for the Outrageous River Derby!

updayton Seeks Needs of Young Professionals With Survey

updayton seeks to assess the needs of young professionals in the area and has created a survey with three goals:

    (1) To address assumptions about the flight of young professionals from the Dayton-Springfield region
    (2) To gather information about topics and resources that will most benefit young professionals at a proposed summit in the spring of 2009
    (3) To provide community, political and economic development leadership with feedback so that future efforts may better serve and retain young professionals in our region

For more information, view the entire updayton press release. For questions about this survey please contact: survey@updayton.com


We thank you for your time!

Great Enthusiasm for Dayton at “This Is Dayton” Recruiting Event

Nearly 25 people came out to the recruiting event for “This is Dayton” at the Cannery Art & Design Center on Tuesday the 15th. Some interesting observations– it seemed like most in the room were not originally from Dayton, and probably half of those transplants spent some time in Michigan. It’s exciting to see non-natives want to jump in and promote how great it is in Dayton– that’s a great testimonial to our wonderful city.

We asked everyone what they liked most about Dayton and some of the comments included:

  • Dayton is easily navigable; lack of traffic jams; travel time within 20-30 minutes to just about any activity
  • Dayton people are very generous, inclusive, friendly and hard working
  • Dayton is small enough to run into people you know when you’re out, but big enough that some times you won’t run into someone you know
  • Many commented on the strength of the arts culture in Dayton
  • Several said they couldn’t quite put their finger on it, but there is something very special here – especially when it comes to creativity & innovation.

So we talked a lot about the initiative and the various ways to get involved and then let people sign up and mingle for a bit. The primary committee usually meets once a week, but our weekly meeting today will be “brand orientation” from the City of Dayton and the Dayton Development Coalition to see how we can tie everything together. Next week we’ll have our usual meeting, divide up the volunteers and start forming the committees.

If you still want to get involved, please contact Theresa Gasper at tgasper@fullcircledayton.com and she’ll add you to the list of volunteers and keep you in the loop. If you were there, we will be getting in touch with you within two weeks to get the ball rolling. Thanks to everyone who attended and to those that expressed an interest but were unable to attend.

Creative Incubator Update: PowerPoint from 90 Day Check-In

You can see each slide from the Creative Incubator’s update full size here.

“This Is Dayton” Call for Volunteers: Recruiting Event

Press Release:  For Immediate Release

Contact Info:
“This is Dayton”
Communications:  Theresa Gasper  937-477-9766 or tgasper@fullcircledayton.com
Co-Chairs:  David Seyer 937-609-9433 or dseyer@cultureworks.com
        Susan Byrnes  937/229-5101 or

“This is Dayton” Call for Volunteers

“This is Dayton” one of one of the five Creative Class Initiatives taking shape in Dayton.  They will be holding a recruiting session for volunteers on Tuesday, July 15th, from 5-7pm at the Cannery Art & Design Center at 434 East Third Street.  

The catalysts and committee members of “This is Dayton” recognize that Dayton has an inferiority complex and are on a mission to turn that around.   “This is Dayton” wants to hear from the community about how we can work together to educate each other what we do best, who are best & brightest stars, what areas do we excel at so much that other communities model themselves after us.

This group wants community involvement and has identified several different ways for citizens to get involved.  Whether you are into research or public speaking, creating art or marketing it, or if you just love Dayton and want to tell the world why, here are some opportunities for you to get involved.  They include (but are not limited to):

·    A poster contest (one for adults, one for K-12).  Winning entries will be blown up on 5’x8′ posters and placed throughout the region in vacant storefront windows, on billboards, etc.

·    Data Mining – researching areas where Dayton is considered “best in class” or unique and out in front of other communities

·    Radio Interviews – a weekly format interviewing Daytonians as to what they love most about their community or what they are doing to make a difference.

·    YouTube contest – produce your own YouTube video reflecting what you see good about Dayton

·    Art Exhibit – for 3 dimensional entries

·    Ambassadors – volunteers who will take the message of “This is Dayton” and the Creative Class initiative out into the community; as well as interview various clubs and organizations to find out what makes them proud of Dayton

·    Connecting to the Outside World – how do we communicate externally our message and put Dayton on the map (ultimately enticing others to relocate to Dayton)

If you have any interest in getting involved in this Initiative, please come to the recruiting event on the 15th for more information.  If you are unable to attend, please contact any of the above.

The Core Committee of “This is Dayton” includes Co-Chairs David Seyer and Susan Byrnes; Communications Contact Theresa Gasper, and Sally Struthers, Carol Sampson, Bridget Oaks, Donna Martin, Diane Graham and Marianne Kirk.  for more information, please check back often at www.DaytonCREATE.org. 


“This Is Dayton” Volunteer Information Meeting

What: This is Dayton Volunteer Information Meeting

When: 5pm – 7pm Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where: The Cannery

“This is Dayton” wants to let residents know how exciting and creative the Dayton region is.

“What is your Dayton?”

We are looking for people who can express “This is Dayton” with video, radio and poster form but are open to alternative forms of expression. We need volunteers to serve as ambassadors to a variety of regional community groups. We need people to help with an adult and k-12 poster contest. We also need people to collect data for use with the posters and web site. Even if you’re skills do not lie in the “creative,” we need help in all avenues of organization, execution, etc.

“This is Dayton” will hold an informational meeting on July 15th at The Cannery on Third Street. Please come join us from 5-7 pm to help build the excitement.

updayton Joins with the City of Dayton’s Summer in the City

Combined Effort Works to Introduce College Interns to the
Benefits of Living and Working in the City

updayton has teamed with the City of Dayton to help make the second Summer in the City a success by providing local young professionals to act as mentors to college-aged students.

An initiative of the City of Dayton Commission office, Summer in the City reaches out to college students to demonstrate the advantages of living and working in the area through workshops, networking, and social activities over the course of an 11-week program. The program invites young professionals in the region to act as mentors in sharing their experiences with the summer interns. updayton has provided approximately one-third of the mentors participating in this year’s Summer in the City program.

updayton, a community empowerment organization, works to connect young talent to the city. updayton fights to combat the ‘brain drain’ of students coming to Dayton for an college education and then leaving the region for post-graduate employment. updayton volunteer mentors include scientists, lawyers, educators, activists, and artists; each participating member has been matched with an intern with similar professional goals.

Erin Fuller from the City Commission office has been facilitating the collaboration between updayton and the Summer in the City program. Fuller said, “updayton has been a wonderful asset for Summer in the City. We are excited to have updayton as a partner, and we look forward to strengthening our collaboration in upcoming years.”

Click the link to read updayton’s entire press release: summer-in-the-city-pr.doc

updayton: Location of Next Sub-Initiative Meeting Changed

Please note; the location of the next updayton meeting has been changed!

The updated information is as follows:

Next Sub-Initiative Committee Meeting
Wednesday, July 9th at 5:30 p.m.

Gregory’s Piano Bar
139 N. Main Street, Downtown Dayton

Collaborative Event to Benefit Film Dayton- July 22- Reserve Tickets Now!


Film Dayton, the Miami Valley Restaurant Association, and the Cannery Art & Design Center have teamed up to present “From Sketch Pad to Screen,” an exhibit of J. Todd Anderson’s story boards from No Country for Old Men, Leatherheads and The Big Lebowski.

Anderson will be onsite at the 520 Gallery from 7:30 to 9 pm, with music by the Nick Kizirnis Band and menu items from 10 area restaurants. Reserve your tickets now at www.dineoutdayton.org.

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