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Young Creatives Summit Update

Since Last Week
1) We are meeting with other teams in the region who have young professional initiatives.
2) We have completed the business plan (which is now in the final review process).
3) We met with Summer in the City to consider a joint effort with their mentoring program.
4) Planning Committee is formulating a meeting with Volunteers.
5) We have a temporary date for the summit (currently called the Springboard Summit).
6) Developed “Talking Points” for summit team (under review).
7) Communication plan 99% complete (under review).

One Response to “Young Creatives Summit Update”

  1. Carolyn Wheeler says:

    It looks like you are setting a good foundation for the Young Creatives initiative! I am sorry I couldn’t come to the May 22nd meeting, but keep me on the contact list for the next one.

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