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Creative Incubator Initiative to host Ladyfest Dayton at Urban Nights

The Creative Incubator initiative has partnered with the organizers of Ladyfest Dayton and Downtown Dayton Holdings, LLC to host the first Ladyfest Dayton music and arts festival Sept. 12-14. The event will be held at 20 N. Jefferson St. in downtown Dayton, and will be the first official community event held in this first floor space. Ladyfest Dayton will be a highlighted event at Urban Nights and will continue throughout the weekend with live music from local and out of town bands, visual arts displays, workshops, dance and other performance art events occurring throughout the weekend.

The organizers of Ladyfest Dayton are all local area women whose passion for art and music is rivaled only by their passion for the downtown Dayton community. Three women in particular are putting their hearts and souls into making this event an exciting opportunity for the entire Dayton community to see and experience the local music and art talent being generated from local Dayton women. Jenn Breman, Jen Money and Mary Kathryn Burnside (left to right in picture) have all contributed an enormous amount of time and energy preparing for Ladyfest including making artistic improvements to the space itself at 20 N. Jefferson. The Creative Incubator Initiative is working along-side them in an effort to provide them with some of the physical space and material needs they are faced with. In fact, the Ladyfest women have a running wish-list of items they hope to locate quickly and cheaply, and if anyone involved with DaytonCREATE would like to play Santa Claus, here’s what they are currently wishing for:

  • Stage (roughly 16 x 20 x 2)
  • Large dark curtain to mount behind stage
  • Paint
  • Paper rolls
  • Blank t-shirts
  • Carpet Remnants
  • Strings of white Christmas lights
  • Seating (folding chairs)
  • Window markers/paint
  • Sheer fabric

Please contact catalysts Anne Rasmussen at arasmussen@woh.rr.com or Kate Ervin at kate.ervin@cityofdayton.org to donate!

Many of the artists and organizers of Ladyfest Dayton have been working diligently for weeks getting 20 N. Jefferson St. ready. With grace and determination, they are transforming a very vacant space into a dynamic, albeit temporary, art and music venue. The Ladyfest women had been searching for months for an appropriate space, when Scott Soifer, a local drummer and Creative Incubator committee member, saw their need and recognized the fit.

Ladyfest is a community-based, not-for-profit global music and arts festival for female artists that features bands, musical groups, performance artists, authors, spoken word and visual artists, and workshops; it is organized by volunteers.

The first ever Ladyfest was conducted in Olympia, Washington in August 2000 with over 2000 people attending. Prime motivators in the event were Sarah Dougher, Sleater-Kinney, Cat Power, Neko Case, and Teresa Carmody.

Since the first Ladyfest, the event has branched out into other urban centers such as Amsterdam, Atlanta, Belgium, Berlin, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Brooklyn, Cambridge, Columbus, Chicago, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Lansing, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Orlando, Ottawa, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego, Sevilla, Toronto, Washington DC, and more. Each new festival is organized locally and independently of other Ladyfest events in other states or countries, primarily by volunteers, and most proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations.

4 Responses to “Creative Incubator Initiative to host Ladyfest Dayton at Urban Nights”

  1. lmgrigs says:

    I met a couple of the young women working on LadyFest and I am so impressed with their commitment to making this happen! They are exactly the kind of Dayton Originals this region needs!

    Let’s do all we can to lend our support to this effort!

  2. Kate says:

    Thanks, Lisa! Yes, they’re pretty impressive, and seeing the energy going into it is almost magical!

  3. tg says:

    I met a woman last night with a great new women’s fitness center – she’s just starting out and she really wants to get involved in the community. How can I get her in touch with Jen or anyone at LadyFest?

  4. Anne says:

    Here are the contacts for Ladyfest:
    Jenn Breman – art contact 937-369-8773
    Mary Kathryn Burnside – music and performance contact 937-241-9434 mkburnside@gmail.com
    Jen Money – info shop/email contact 937-829-1091 msmoney83@yahoo.com
    Noelle Landis – workshop contact 937-219-5215
    Heather Jones – 937-478-3853 heather.jones@my.sinclair.edu

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