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Blogger brags on Dayton!

Friendly hand gestures only at Courteous Mass in Dayton,

I ended up in Dayton, Ohio—home of the Wright Brothers Bicycle Company—over the fourth of July holiday.  The most remarkable aspect of the trip (other than seeing Katherine‘s new work, of course): the extraordinary politeness of the Daytonians that I met. While I was buying toothpaste in CVS, for example, the cashier not only made eye contact but actually held the corners of my receipt as I signed it. I certainly can’t remember the last time a cashier in Washington has done anything of the sort.

And apparently it’s not just the cashiers. Dayton is home to one of just a handful of Courteous Mass rides in the country, the demure cyclist’s response to the sometimes rowdy Critical Mass rides that take place across cities on the last Friday of the month. Courteous Mass riders are encouraged to follow all traffic laws during the ride, discouraged from “corking” intersections, and make only “friendly” hand signals to motorists.

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