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‘Creative class’ is living up to name

You probably could guess that a phrase like “Don’t dog Dayton” wasn’t conceived by people over 50.

For more than a year now, a growing group of “young creatives” (not all of whom precisely fit that description with respect to age) has done more than just talk about what Dayton lacks. The good thing for Dayton is that they keep rolling out new work for themselves and the others they’re infecting with their passion and energy.

“Don’t dog Dayton” is one of the latest projects. The plan is to sponsor a video contest about goofy, serious, or important things going on Dayton, with an eye on what will catch on on YouTube. The hope is that when people Google Dayton, maybe they’ll stumble on something other than Forbes.com’s computer-generated, comically oversimplified, decidedly frustrating list of dying cities.

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