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Innovation Collaborative’s “Creative Beginning” Event Great Success, Whole Brain Summit Date Set

The Innovation Collaborative’s Creative Beginning event at the Dayton Engineer’s Club was a great success. Over 30 representatives from colleges, universities and organizations from around the region came to learn more about creating collaborative synergy among the Dayton region’s right-brained and left-brained creatives. Attendees listened to a presentation by Innovation Collaborative Co-Chair Patrick Martin and then networked and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres before going out to FiveRivers MetroParks’ Outrageous River Derby.

This is exactly what we’re about,” said Innovation Collaborative Catalyst Sarah Ammar. “We have artists and engineers here, students, professors and other professionals, and they’re all here because they want to stimulate the region by tapping into the talent we know is all over the area!”

The Innovation Collaborative’s next event, the Whole Brain Summit, will be held October 9th from 5:30 to 7:00pm at DaytaOhio, a local non-profit that integrates human factors design with innovative visualization and computing technologies.

We have a very cool venue for our Whole Brain Summit,” said Co-Chair Patrick Martin about DaytaOhio. “It takes both the left and right brain elements to incorporate some very cutting-edge technology.

One such technological amenity is the 3-D cave environment, where users can explore data visually and spacially. For example, one demo allows a user to walk through and around a rendering of the Pantheon.

For more information about the Whole Brain Summit or the Innovation Collaborative in general, contact Sarah Ammar at InnovationCollaborative@gmail.com.

2 Responses to “Innovation Collaborative’s “Creative Beginning” Event Great Success, Whole Brain Summit Date Set”

  1. Jane Black says:

    Hi Sarah
    What will happen at the Whole Brain Summit? Are reservations necessary?

  2. Sarah Ammar says:

    Hi, Jane~

    Yes. Space at the DaytaOhio venue will be somewhat limited, so it will be necessary to reserve your space. If you’f like to do so, just send me an email at InnovationCollaborative@gmail.com and let me know who, how many, and if you and your other attendees fill the left or right brainer positions.


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