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Meet Shon Walters

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Self employed woodworking business; Stivers School for the Arts

Favorite Dayton “place” to share with visitors: My house

Favorite Book: Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling

Favorite Band: Currently (world) Neutral Milk Hotel (Dayton) New Vega

Where do you play hookie in Dayton: Eastwood Park

Favorite hidden gem in Dayton: Wigglebird and the work he does with Zoot Theater Company

Hobbies: Playing music

Your Dream: To never sleep again and my reality to become my conscious dream

What will be your legacy: My work in wood and the arts

Celebrity Crush: Audrey Tautou

Favorite Dayton watering hole: My nalgene bottle

Favorite Destination: My studio

Favorite encounter with a famous person: Anyone I consider famous is dead and they just can’t hold a conversation.

Pets: Don’t believe in owning them

Role Model: Scott Gibbs

Favorite Team: Team Stivers

Quirky fact about you: I have never purchased toilet paper nor do I plan to.

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