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Meet Scott Gibbs

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  • * Designated by the Montgomery County Arts Council as “Master Painter”

    * Instructor at K12 Gallery and well as an independent art instructor
    * Current work is an exploration into redefining Classic paintings through
    the eyes of young people
    Quirky fact: Carries twine, thread and wax with him for the occasional
    impromptu twig sculpture

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  • One Response to “Meet Scott Gibbs”

    1. Tim Miller says:

      Hey Scott! It’s Tim Miller! How the heck are you? You look great! I live in North Carolina with my wife of 27 years (Lisa) who I met at JVS. We have 2 kids – a 20 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. We own a catering business and life is great. Please call me and we’ll catch up on the last 25 years. My number is 336-575-5886.

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