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Are you up for an Urban Excursion?


Don’t confuse Urban Excursion with your average stroll in the park.

It’s the mother of all scavenger hunts and urban adventure races.

Start recruiting your team of 4 to join us for an adventure through the streets of downtown!

6 Responses to “Are you up for an Urban Excursion?”

  1. scott williams says:

    should be a blast!!!
    what about teams of 3 or 5?
    any age restrictions or suggestions?

  2. lmgrigs says:

    Suggested age is 16 and up. Maximum of 4 on a team. You could play with 3, but it might put you at a disadvantage!

    So put a team together and come play!

  3. Cdub says:

    I see it is $30. Is that per person or per team?

  4. Signed up and received a will call ticket. Where do we meet and what other if any instructions?

  5. lmgrigs says:

    Teams of 4 are now $30 if you are still trying to register. Once you’ve registered you will get instructions emailed to you!


  6. EatMoreChicken says:

    Those instructions do not say where to meet. Please advise.

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