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Poster campaign gets press!

images-7“This is Dayton” celebrates Dayton, Gasper said. And, it’s proof that a small group of people can make a big difference in changing perceptions.

The group hopes the posters inspire people to explore the region.

There are two incorrect perceptions that the group is trying to combat, Gasper said. “That there’s nothing to do or it’s not safe downtown, neither of which are really true. If you were alone in a river, or a forest or even in your own house, you might feel uneasy. If there’s nobody around, you feel vulnerable.

“Everybody feels there’s a lot of crime, but really it’s a sense of isolation.”

So, the group is trying to get more “feet on the street” downtown, Gasper said.

For the full article by Arundi Venkayya Cox in Sun, Sept 20th Dayton
Daily News, click here

One Response to “Poster campaign gets press!”

  1. Great response to the article so far. Many are asking me how to help or get involved. So here’s a few things to get the wheels of your mind spinning.

    1) Nominate people you’d like to see included in future rounds of posters. Do you know someone you find fascinating that is quietly doing their thing in the region? Perhaps they suffer from the typical curse of Midwestern HUMILITY and won’t toot their own horn, but what they do by rights should be recognized? Keep in mind interesting, diverse, grassroots. The marquee players in town already get the PR and recognition – we’re trying to highlight creative types that fly under the radar.

    2) Nominate locations to hang posters. Do you know property managers at buildings, strip malls, indoor or outdoor malls that have vacant windows that could use a little color & vibrancy? We want to take this campaign out into the community and that means the entire region – rural, urban, suburban. We often need help gaining permission and access to hang the posters.

    3) Participate – join our committee, we have short and long term needs. From hanging posters, to speaking to local service groups, helping with our long term strategy, promoting events, blogging, etc.

    4) Donate – we’ve been lucky to receive a lot of in kind donations for paper and printing costs, but these works of are are not cheap. If you think your place of work, worship or learning would benefit by having the message of cool people doing cool things in Dayton – you can donate to the general printing pool or adopt a poster by covering the costs to put them up at your location. Let us know what size works best for you – and if you want indoor or outdoor material.

    5) Spread the word – Tell people about the posters, the Urban Excursion, the Creative Soul of Dayton Art Exhibit and DaytonCREATE – in person, on blogs, on Facebook or Twitter – just help us get out the message.


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