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Dayton Music Fest

8 clubs, 32 bands, $10. In and around the Oregon District on Sat, Oct 3rd, Go to daytonmusicfest.com for details.

Dayton Music Fest (DMF) started because we felt that there was a lack of focus on the Dayton Indie Rock scene. We have some great music coming out of our fair city and we thought that we should get the word out to more than just the 18-21 crowd that already knew.

We make no claims of being all inclusive or of being the last word on who you should listen to. What we are trying to do and have always tried to do is open some doors to some clubs that bands like these might not have played before, put the bands in front of crowds that might not have ever seen them before, and have the bands be a part of something bigger than the sum of its parts.

This is truly a labor of love. We want nothing more than to make Dayton a destination for people who want to see the great music this town has to offer. We start working on the fest in January and don’t stop until the show is over.

Thank you for supporting the music scene and for supporting DMF.

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