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Grass Roots Transformation of Wayne Ave


updayton has spearheaded a beautification and community clean up program along the Wayne Ave corridor between 3rd and 5th Streets, connecting the Cannery Arts District with the Oregon District.  A recent competition for submissions was a success and you can now see the results of these artists showcased underneath the train overpass at Fourth Street and Wayne Avenue.   Artists were asked to submit garden themed designs for the 8 x8  foot openings.  A committee of artists, local business owners and city officials selected 8 of the winners, with the final 2 chosen “by the people” at the Fall Urban Nights.  Artists  received $125 and a $50 supply stipend to complete their designs.

9228_160139427970_105606052970_2798431_5204375_n Heather Lee Reid’s Mural, still in progress

More murals, in progress:9228_160139387970_105606052970_2798425_4192677_n9228_160139412970_105606052970_2798430_2990547_n8424_157951987970_105606052970_2783243_379721_n


2 Responses to “Grass Roots Transformation of Wayne Ave”

  1. Rachel says:

    I want to thank all the artists that contributed to making my day a little better. I live on the corner of Wayne and Third, and thier art is a great addition to Dayton, and my commute.

  2. I just love this project – just goes to show you that all it takes is a handful of people with a common vision to make things happen.

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