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Little Art Theater Celebrates new status

Yellow Springs movie house The Little Art just recently received it’s is 501(c)(3) NON PROFIT organization status from the government! While this won’t change much for the general public, what is does mean is that the Little Art can:

  • Allow donors a tax deduction for their contributions
  • … Seek foundation and government grants for special projects
  • … Offer a wider range of programs and events

According to owner Jenny Cowperthwaite for the past 8 years “THE FRIENDS OF THE LITTLE ART’s financial support” is what kept the doors open anyway.

taking_woodstockIn celebration of this momentous turning point in the Little Art’s 80-year history of showing movies in Yellow Springs this weekend all showings Ang Lee’s TAKING WOODSTOCK will be FREE! Of course, donations are welcome and now they are also a tax deduction.

Roger Ebert says, “TAKING WOODSTOCK” has the freshness of something being created, not remembered.” Director Ang Lee “distills the flavor of this transforming event and hints at how it transformed some who were there,” writes the Philadelphia Inquirer. The San Francisco Chronicle raves: “If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be there — to actually be there, man — this movie gets it.”

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