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Check out “The Plan”

gdtnplan-logoThe public and private sectors in Greater Downtown Dayton have joined forces to create a bold, unified plan for the region’s center city called A Greater Downtown Dayton Plan. It will establish a very tactical, deliberate game plan for the future of our Greater Downtown and identify collaborative ― not competitive ― strategies for creating a more vibrant city.

For more background on the Plan, see the information at the bottom of this page.

Read Drafts of the Preliminary Plan Recommendations:
More than 200 volunteers have been working to compile the public’s ideas and to research and develop preliminary Plan recommendations. Below are the draft recommendations, along with supporting documents, maps, renderings and other resources.

Join the Discussion!
Many members of the public have contributed ideas, and you can still do so. Visit the discussion threads in the forum at DaytonMostMetro.com or join us on Facebook under A Greater Downtown Dayton Plan to stay in the loop.

Tell Us What You Think!
Your input is needed to help finalize the Plan recommendations. What’s missing? What do you like? What should be the top priorities? Download and fill out our Public Input Form, give your ideas and help shape downtown’s future!

Plan Background and More Info
For additional background information on the Greater Downtown Dayton Plan and how we got to where we are now, check out the following documents and resources:

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