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DaytonMostMetro.com (DMM) features an extensive events calendar which can be syndicated on other Web sites and utilized as the region’s single resource for event information. Focused less on news, and more on regional experiences, site visitors can read featured articles or explore areas of interest including arts and entertainment, food/drink, shopping, getting involved, life, the urban core and outdoor recreation. Other perks include an interactive discussion forum and links to area resources. The major advantage of DMM is that it provides information at a single spot so people don’t need to search multiple Web sites to see the full picture of Dayton.

History of DMM: The first incarnation of DMM was created in August 2006 by Bill Pote, who lived in Chicago and Tampa before moving to Dayton in 2001. The original focus on downtown provided a forum for bloggers to discuss city issues. After the updayton Young Creatives Summit, Pote joined the updayton project and offered his well-trafficked site to be re-vamped and re-built in partnership with the project team.

Creation of the new DMM: At the updayton Young Creatives Summit in April 2009, approximately 200 regional young professionals voted on projects that would increase their satisfaction with Dayton. A top vote-getter and one of the most popular projects was the Online Communication Hub. Since the Summit, approximately ten updayton volunteers worked to create a site that allows people to experience the Dayton region with a mouse-click. Pote is excited to be part of the team creating the online magazine for the community. He says, “DaytonMostMetro.com is a fun way for people to connect to each other and the region; DMM has information and personality. We’re excited to launch now because there’s a lot of great material on the site, but everyone should continue to check back because we’ll grow as our contributors add more of their insights and experiences.” DaytonMostMetro.com remains an all volunteer initiative.

Updayton project lead Scott Murphy is excited for the launch of the site. Murphy says, “We know people don’t necessarily recognize all the great assets in our region. DMM gives our residents an ‘easy button’ to learn more about neighborhoods, events, festivals, arts, and ways to get involved around town.” The lack of easily accessible information is a common complaint updayton heard from many young creative professionals; DaytonMostMetro.com fills that gap.

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