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Film Connections to meet @ ThinkTV 7-9pm

The firstFilm Connections” meeting was held last night and a group of about 30 people, including film makers, students, film buffs and a sprinkling of business people.  The meeting began with the premiere of the FilmDayton logo prototype, as revealed by Bill Reiger from Nova Creative.  Then local film maker Steve Bognar kicked the night off by sharing his recent experience at the independent film festival in NYC, followed  by  him showing some clips from his lastest documentary-in-progress.  He also showed a brief skate board film, created by a Yellow Spings native, too shy to attent and invited Davie Powers to show his music video Crazy Loop, which was submittecd to ther national 2nd Numa contest and won $10,000.  Ann Rotolante showed a trailer for the locally filmed True Nature.  There were questions, announcements, and lots of conversation.  Someone proposed a Tuesday Night movie club – in fact a group left to see the 9:40 PM showing at the Neon.  People stayed around and talked until 9:30 PM, and various people volunteered to help.  There were new faces and old faces, including Dennis Greene, Beth Duke et al, and J.T. Anderson.  There were also film students from WSU and UD.

The next Film Connections meeting will be Tues, Oct 28th from7-9pm.  If you’ve got an interest in film, please join us!

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