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“This Is Dayton” Seeks Input

From Theresa Gasper of “This Is Dayton”:

We need some feedback. Our overall initiative is “This is Dayton” which is to help Dayton over its inferiority complex. The goal is to reflect positive facts & images to the community reminding them of all our great assets. We believe it’s too easy to get caught up in what is wrong with us, but forget to stop and remember what is great about us as well. If we can shift the focus, we may be able to turn the inferiority complex into a strong sense of community pride.

We’ve had some discussion about starting out with a defined style sheet and establishing “This is Dayton” but that it could possibly evolve to “this is Trotwood” or “This is WSU or UD” or “This is Beavercreek” or even “this is XYZ Church or fraternity or organization”. All of which would use the same style sheet, just reflect their own particular points of pride.

On the one hand – I think we should stick with “This is Dayton” as a unifying theme for the Region. Like I’ve said in other posts, Dayton is the dot on the map or the destination on the highway signs. Many of us think a regional form of government would be better than the current way, so maybe this initiative should follow suit?

On the other, I think an easy way to establish our measure of success would be to see how many other organizations jump on board with an emphasis on their particular corner of the region. I believe a rising tide lifts all boats – so if we see each individual pocket increase its self esteem or self image, does it not increase the overall self esteem of the region? Or does it just reinforce a sense of separateness rather than collaboration?

What do you think???

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2 Responses to ““This Is Dayton” Seeks Input”

  1. Andrea says:

    I have a question. When I first heard of this initiave I thought it was only for the City of Dayton. I just read your post that talks about

    “but that it could possibly evolve to “this is Trotwood” or “This is WSU or UD” or “This is Beavercreek” or even “this is…”

    Does this mean that the surburbs are included in this initiative?

  2. tgasper says:

    Andrea – all of the initiatives are a regional effort. We view the name of that region as “Dayton”. Many seem to think Dayton means downtown and a few surrounding neighborhoods. The suburbs are most definitely included in this and all the initiatives.

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