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“This Is Dayton” Reveals First Posters

Download, Print, and Post!

This Is Dayton believes that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Show your support of the Dayton Region by printing and posting these upbeat posters all around town– in your car window, your kitchen window, the bulletin board at your favorite grocery or hangout. Dayton- get proud!


Or view the pdf with larger versions: daytoncreate1_2.pdf

Design by Amanda Romero & Kyle Fisk

3 Responses to ““This Is Dayton” Reveals First Posters”

  1. M Thomas says:

    I don’t get them. They look like retro christmas cards. They’re artsy but to me they don’t scream Dayton. Maybe instead of birds chatting there could be an old airplane flying across pulling a banner with some quote on it to achieve the same effect.

  2. Michael says:

    Great start, I think it could be improved to showcase some of the impressive characteristics that are specific to Dayton…but it’s a start, good job!

  3. Bruce Kettelle says:

    These are a start but imho they are too wordy, might work for a magazine ad campaign but think billboards, ie: eye catching image and brief message that you can grasp at 55mph.

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