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‘Perspectives and Pints’ updayton asks: What’s your community?

Perspectives and Pints is a series of casual focus group opportunities.  Young creatives

from the region are invited to discuss important issues and concerns in choosing a city. The focus of this meeting will be entetrainment and nightlife.  To better understand the needs of young professionals in the region, updayton is hosting  Perspectives and Pints on Tues, Feb 10th at 6pm  at Blind Bob’s in the Oregon District.  Participants should RSVP to murphyjs@woh.rr.com.

The first session was held Jan 15th.  Special guests included Theresa Gasper, the President of Full Circle Development, and Dr. Mike Ervin, a long-time Dayton supporter and advocate for the Oregon Arts District.

These focus group sessions will provide direction in the planning for the Young Creatives
Summit, scheduled  for April 18.  Group member Scott Murphy said, “The first step in un-
derstanding the needs of young creatives in our region was the distribution of the survey;
these mini town hall sessions will provide more depth to our understanding of what can
make the Dayton region attractive to recent college graduates and young professionals.”

Upcoming Perspectives and Pints are planned to discuss entertainment and nightlife
(January), diversity (February), and jobs and business growth (March) in preparation for
the Young Creatives Summit in April.

3 Responses to “‘Perspectives and Pints’ updayton asks: What’s your community?”

  1. Brett Hummel says:

    I think it is great how you are attempting to tackle the problem of young talent leaving your area. As you are correctly addressing, much of the brain drain arises from the young professional’s attitude that there are few employment opportunities and fun social events in the local area. If I could, I would suggest that you take a look at Milwaukee as an example. They had many of the same problems that you had, and set up an organization similar to yours. They are a non profit that have been operating for about 5 or 6 years now, and have had great success. The organization is called Fuel Milwaukee, and if you need an introduction to them I would be happy to make it. Good luck with everything.

  2. Nancy Hatton says:

    Is there a cost to attend?

  3. Scott Murphy says:

    The Perspectives & Pints events are free. Thanks for your interest in updayton!

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