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Perspectives and Pints: Young creatives claimed their community

On Monday, December 15 a large group of young professionals gathered to find a common voice in determining important aspects for their community. Lead by Scott Murphy and Tokz Awoshakin, the focus group provided updayton direction for the planning of the April 18th Young Creatives Summit.

The first Perspectives and Pints focused on positive and negative aspects in communities throughout the region. Participants shared many positive aspects of the Dayton area such as cost of living, ease of transportation, great entertainment options, and the feeling that Dayton is a “big, small town” where people can feel connected to the community. Some challenges to the area include a lack of walk-ability and an abundance of vacant buildings.

Although the focus of the conversation was on the young professionals, stakeholders in the region were there to listen to our needs, share their current projects, and bring our message back to their organizations. Theresa Gasper, Mike Martin, and Dr. Mike Ervin all contributed to the conversation and provided insight into upcoming development in the city. A lively exchange occurred when one young professional expressed a need for a stronger physical connection between destination areas (i.e. Schuster, Oregon, Fifth-Third Field) and Dr. Ervin was able to share a plan in the works where that need for connection may be met.

This focus group proved to be a very valuable step in preparation for the Young Creatives Summit. Updayton learned more about the specific needs of young professionals in the region so a fully developed concept and unified voice will be presented to city leadership at the summit. Young creatives are assured to have influence in the development and betterment of the region.

Perspectives and Pints continues next month on January 27 at Blind Bob’s in the Oregon District at 6 PM. The topic for January is the entertainment and nightlife in the region. All young professionals who work or live in the Dayton region are invited to come out and discuss what they enjoy and what they would like to see for the nightlife in Dayton.

Download the full press release: pr_dec_perspectives

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