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Gary Leitzell declares for Dayton Mayor’s race

I have slapped a web page together and a blog site to assist in my campaign to run for Mayor next year. I am an independant candidate. I have no party affiliation. This also means that I will have no friends at the board of elections! You might be interested to see what I have posted. Here is the link


I saw that the GOP went so far as to advertise for candidates in the DDN on the 12th. Stating that they are interviewing candidates and will make a decision by mid January. Four people had expressed an interest. I know from my own efforts that the nomination requires 500 signatures from registered voters and the petitions are due in March. That doesn’t leave much time for a potential candidate to touch base with their residents. I hate to be too critical but they should have been on this much sooner. I started getting signatures in October and have already done the rounds of many neighborhood associations. I’m personally about half way through with the requirement. I have some other people circulating petitions for me as well to make life a little easier. I guess this gives the illusion that I am actually quite organized! I really haven’t heard if anyone else is seriously in the running besides Rhine McClin, but then again, I’m not secretive. I’m all about citizen participation!

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