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Roof of City Hall may be covered in grass

By Joanne Huist Smith

Dayton Daily News/Staff Writer

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

DAYTON — The City Hall roof could be teeming with greenery by this summer, but the vegetation won’t be a recreational zone for weary city employees.

The city is exploring installation of a GreenGrid® modular green roof system on a 2,000 square-foot section of the City Hall roof. The effort is a combination public education demonstration program and a storm water pollution reduction project, said Donna Winchester, environment manager for Dayton’s Department of Water.

A green roof is substantially covered with low-growing shrubbery. Because it is modular, a GreenGrid® roof can be adjusted and rearranged after installation. Modules can be moved for roof maintenance, according to the GreenGrid® Web site.

The plants on green roofs transpire, cooling the atmosphere around them. These factors have the potential, in large scale, to lower city temperatures.

Winchester said the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency requires education projects as part of the city’s storm water discharge permit. Funding will come from the city’s Water Department, storm-water development fund, not general fund tax dollars.

The green roof, approved by the Dayton City Commission on Dec. 23, will cost $33,578. Next week, Cleveland-based, VIP Restoration will begin a $11,000 analysis to determine if the roof can support the system. The analysis will be done in three weeks.

“If we didn’t spend money on this project, we’d have to do something else with the same goal of reducing runoff to the storm-water system,” Winchester said.

Green roofs are credited with reducing heating and cooling costs, but Winchester said energy savings by the city are expected to be marginal as vegetation will only cover one-third of the roof.

Still, there are expected benefits.

“We believe this demonstration project will be a catalyst for other green infrastructure projects,” Winchester said.

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