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“This Is Dayton” Call for Volunteers: Recruiting Event

Press Release:  For Immediate Release

Contact Info:
“This is Dayton”
Communications:  Theresa Gasper  937-477-9766 or tgasper@fullcircledayton.com
Co-Chairs:  David Seyer 937-609-9433 or dseyer@cultureworks.com
        Susan Byrnes  937/229-5101 or

“This is Dayton” Call for Volunteers

“This is Dayton” one of one of the five Creative Class Initiatives taking shape in Dayton.  They will be holding a recruiting session for volunteers on Tuesday, July 15th, from 5-7pm at the Cannery Art & Design Center at 434 East Third Street.  

The catalysts and committee members of “This is Dayton” recognize that Dayton has an inferiority complex and are on a mission to turn that around.   “This is Dayton” wants to hear from the community about how we can work together to educate each other what we do best, who are best & brightest stars, what areas do we excel at so much that other communities model themselves after us.

This group wants community involvement and has identified several different ways for citizens to get involved.  Whether you are into research or public speaking, creating art or marketing it, or if you just love Dayton and want to tell the world why, here are some opportunities for you to get involved.  They include (but are not limited to):

·    A poster contest (one for adults, one for K-12).  Winning entries will be blown up on 5’x8′ posters and placed throughout the region in vacant storefront windows, on billboards, etc.

·    Data Mining – researching areas where Dayton is considered “best in class” or unique and out in front of other communities

·    Radio Interviews – a weekly format interviewing Daytonians as to what they love most about their community or what they are doing to make a difference.

·    YouTube contest – produce your own YouTube video reflecting what you see good about Dayton

·    Art Exhibit – for 3 dimensional entries

·    Ambassadors – volunteers who will take the message of “This is Dayton” and the Creative Class initiative out into the community; as well as interview various clubs and organizations to find out what makes them proud of Dayton

·    Connecting to the Outside World – how do we communicate externally our message and put Dayton on the map (ultimately enticing others to relocate to Dayton)

If you have any interest in getting involved in this Initiative, please come to the recruiting event on the 15th for more information.  If you are unable to attend, please contact any of the above.

The Core Committee of “This is Dayton” includes Co-Chairs David Seyer and Susan Byrnes; Communications Contact Theresa Gasper, and Sally Struthers, Carol Sampson, Bridget Oaks, Donna Martin, Diane Graham and Marianne Kirk.  for more information, please check back often at www.DaytonCREATE.org. 


One Response to ““This Is Dayton” Call for Volunteers: Recruiting Event”

  1. tg says:

    I’m pleased with the responses in such a quick time frame. Most did not receive the email directly but someone who did receive it forwarded on. Keep it going – we’re getting a good variety of people interested, even if they cannot attend due to other commitments.

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