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Great Enthusiasm for Dayton at “This Is Dayton” Recruiting Event

Nearly 25 people came out to the recruiting event for “This is Dayton” at the Cannery Art & Design Center on Tuesday the 15th. Some interesting observations– it seemed like most in the room were not originally from Dayton, and probably half of those transplants spent some time in Michigan. It’s exciting to see non-natives want to jump in and promote how great it is in Dayton– that’s a great testimonial to our wonderful city.

We asked everyone what they liked most about Dayton and some of the comments included:

  • Dayton is easily navigable; lack of traffic jams; travel time within 20-30 minutes to just about any activity
  • Dayton people are very generous, inclusive, friendly and hard working
  • Dayton is small enough to run into people you know when you’re out, but big enough that some times you won’t run into someone you know
  • Many commented on the strength of the arts culture in Dayton
  • Several said they couldn’t quite put their finger on it, but there is something very special here – especially when it comes to creativity & innovation.

So we talked a lot about the initiative and the various ways to get involved and then let people sign up and mingle for a bit. The primary committee usually meets once a week, but our weekly meeting today will be “brand orientation” from the City of Dayton and the Dayton Development Coalition to see how we can tie everything together. Next week we’ll have our usual meeting, divide up the volunteers and start forming the committees.

If you still want to get involved, please contact Theresa Gasper at tgasper@fullcircledayton.com and she’ll add you to the list of volunteers and keep you in the loop. If you were there, we will be getting in touch with you within two weeks to get the ball rolling. Thanks to everyone who attended and to those that expressed an interest but were unable to attend.

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One Response to “Great Enthusiasm for Dayton at “This Is Dayton” Recruiting Event”

  1. tg says:

    I’ll create a new post just to be safe, but if you have any interest in the “This is Dayton” poster contest (general public, not the K12) or YouTube/Video contests, we’re meeting Tuesday, August 12th at the Trolley Stop at 5:30. First choice is the patio (weather permitting). 2nd choice is the raised area (near the juke box) near the front across from the bar.

    Contact me at Suite1@aol.com if you plan to attend so I know how big a table to reserve.