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Left-Brain/Right Brain Challenge Kickoff and the Outrageous River Derby

You are invited to the sneak peak of a fun, collaborative project between “left-brained” and “right-brained” types as Innovation Collaborative shakes up our regional talent.

Click the image to read the full size invitation, and don’t forget to stick around for the Outrageous River Derby!

One Response to “Left-Brain/Right Brain Challenge Kickoff and the Outrageous River Derby”

  1. Patrick Martin says:

    The following is a brief summary describing our approach to recruitment of participants and the different events leading up to the Walk on Water event next August.

    Recruiting of Participants is a multi channel approach. Our goal is to make different constituent groups aware of the effort and then use those groups to help us spread the word. Our hope is that by engaging these types of groups, we will get the word out and create a viral buzz. Our target groups include:

    1. Engineering and Art departments from local universities and high schools
    2. Regional arts organizations like DVAC, DAI, The Cannery, Front Street etc.
    3. Professional organizations like IEEE, Engineer’s Club, SAME etc
    4. Entrepreneurial and venture fund organizations

    As far as the events, while the actual Walk on Water Challenge is the endpoint, it is the design and development process that will create true collaboration between artists and engineers. Because of our desire to facilitate the process, we are envisioning four events that will lead up to the challenge.

    1. Kick off awareness event for local business, educational and non profit leaders – Engineers Club August 10, 2008
    2. Whole Brain Summit: Kick off event for potential participants – October 2008
    3. Visual Display Event: Graphic and artistic presentation of “Walk on Water” solution – December 2008
    4. Innovative Design Review: Blue print review of solution – February 2009
    5. Prototype Event: Model presentation of solution – May 2009
    6. Walk on Water Challenge – Riverscape Metro Park August 2009

    This is our current approach and would be happy to get additional thoughts and ideas on how to make this a success.

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