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WOW Brainstorming Event at DVAC at 6pm

The Walk on Water Challenge (WOW) is a creative competition to address a unique challenge of the ability to literally (or figuratively) walk on water.  Teams comprised of Right Brain (artist types) and Left Brain (Engineering types) creative people will work together to offer a solution to the challenge.  The solution can take many forms; from a graphic image, to a prototype model to an actual invention that will be put to the test on the swells of the Great Miami River.

February Brainstorming Concept Events: Meet with other interested participants to foster an interactive dialogue on different approaches to finding a solution to the challenge.  You will hear from an insightful speaker and have the chance to participate in some creative exercises.

February 19 6:00P – 8:00P  – Dayton Visual Arts Center, 118 North Jefferson Street

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