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“This Is Dayton” Initiative

The “This Is Dayton” Initiative is focused on rebuilding community pride. The initiative will highlight the region’s many unique assets and diverse population through billboard advertising, kiosks, bus signage, and window signage throughout the region. By rebuilding community pride, residents will become ambassadors promoting the area’s strengths- thus making the region attractive to non-residents and employers considering relocating.

Team Catalysts:
Sally Struthers
Carol Sampson
David Seyer
Bing Davis
Susan Byrnes
Theresa A. Gasper

Next Steps:
1) Research and Development of the community service advertising campaign.
2) Develop fundraising strategy.
3) Build committees.

The “This Is Dayton” group meets every Wednesday, 3:00 p.m., at Bing Davis Studios, 1135 W. Third Street, Dayton.
Volunteers and interested parties are encouraged to attend, and can contact Dave Seyer for more information: 937.222.2787 or dseyer@cultureworks.org.

5 Responses to ““This Is Dayton” Initiative”

  1. Michael Martin says:

    Just curious…is the GLBT community represented on the Catayst team? If so, who is that person(s)?

  2. admin says:

    Hello Michael,

    Check out this link to a previous conversation on this topic at Dayton Most Metro: http://daytonblogs.mostmetro.com/dayton_topics/2008/02/creative-region.html

  3. Donna says:

    Hello Michael,

    The simple answer is yes. Both the Gay and Lesbian community is being represented in the Dayton Pride group.

  4. T Gasper says:

    FYI – The selection committee really did a phenomenal job of creating diversity in the Catalysts group. They had more than 130 applications and I know many who were not included are not used to being turned down for committees. It was not just finding the top 30 – it was finding 30 talented, capable and diverse people – with “diversity” being related to ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, professional & educational background, gender, and geographic regions as well.

    What’s truly amazing is how well the 32 catalysts (yes, they cheated and added two more than instructed) came together so quickly because of their love of Dayton – and that is the region, the entire community, not just the City Limits. Even the Florida group was astounded by how diverse the group was, especially compared to other Creative Class Cities.

    The task force spent a lot of time evaluating the process, asking other cities what worked and didn’t work for them. They did such a great job that the Florida group was quite honestly just blown away on so many fronts.

    I know there is a lot of skepticism, but the goal of the overall initiative is to remain very transparent and inclusive. I know it seems like you’re not hearing much, but please understand each of the initiative groups is meeting frequently to fully develop the plans and then the rest of the community will be brought in to participate. We are working on ways to clarify the message before we start recruiting. The initiatives will be a living document or work in progress and will be all about receiving and implementing community input.

    Unfortunately, Dayton can be a town of Monday Morning Quarterbacks – with many sitting on the sidelines but very vocally criticizing those in the game. Forgive us if we’re a bit gun shy, but we want to present strong, solid initiatives that the Community can embrace and help us all move it forward together.

    Remember too that the 32 catalysts are divided over six teams (five initiatives and one communications team) and that as each team grows, it too will focus on diversity at all levels.

    In the meantime, please keep the ideas flowing and keep asking questions and let’s CREATE the Dayton we all dream about.

  5. Andrew Force says:

    Stay motivated. Never listen too closely to those that scorn your efforts OR those that blindly pat you on the back.

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