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City Unveils New Branding Campaign to DaytonCREATE

Dayton, OH -8/7/08 – “Dayton Patented. Originals Wanted”.

Wednesday evening, City officials announced a new community branding campaign to the members of the DaytonCREATE initiative, a regional volunteer project focused on revitalizing the area’s economic competitiveness. The city’s choice of the catalysts as the audience for the unveiling affirms their belief and support in the role DaytonCREATE will play in the region’s revitalization effort. The goal of the tagline, “Dayton Patented, Originals Wanted” is to reinforce Dayton’s rich innovation history while focusing on current and future innovation, creativity and growth.

The locally focused theme, targeting residents and businesses in Dayton and the surrounding region, aligns with the DaytonCREATE initiative of fostering an environment to keep and attract talent. While the brand honors the past, it looks to the future, highlighting the many positive aspects the city has to offer.

Tom Thickel, a DaytonCREATE catalyst volunteering with the Dayton Creative Incubator initiative supports the theme stating, “The Incubator is about the individual… it’s the people that are original and doing original things.”

Dave Seyer, catalyst & Vice President of Development for Culture Works, upon seeing the brand, immediately saw the connection with the arts community, “Dayton plays host to so many originals, like Future Fest, it’s a Dayton Original that is known and respected in the arts community nationally.”

DaytonCREATE is the umbrella organization with 5 regional community initiatives to create an environment that provides the best place for people of all ages to enjoy life, work, and community. The five initiatives, Dayton Creative Incubator, “This Is Dayton”, Film Dayton, Innovation Collaborative and updayton, address what social theorist Richard Florida refers to as the “Four T’s”: talent (also known as the workforce), technology (also referred to as innovation), tolerance (otherwise known as diversity and inclusion) and territory assets (the things that make the Dayton region great). Through his research, Florida shows that these four basic aspects must be addressed to build sustainable communities.

3 Responses to “City Unveils New Branding Campaign to DaytonCREATE”

  1. Rusty Harden says:

    Being an artist in the Dayton area and working to establish a web presence available to the world through my website, blog, online forums and so forth (recently sold item to the UK) will this be available to embed on the sites?

  2. Rusty, yes, for sure. In his presentation, Tom Biedenharn from the City said that this was a community campaign. Drop Tom a line at tom.biedenharn@cityofdayton.org. Cheers, Sean

  3. Andy Evans says:

    As the author of a new Dayton, Ohio website, would I be able to add this logo to my website? Who would I link it to?

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