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The Young Creatives Summit is On!

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Updayton Presents the Young Creatives Summit
Registration now open

Dayton – March 17, 2009 – Registration is now open at updayton’s website for the Young Creatives Summit.  On Saturday, April 18, updayton will host hundreds of the region’s talented and innovative young creatives at the Dayton Convention Center for the first Young Creatives Summit.  Young creatives are talented, innovative, under 40 years of age, and critical to the economic and cultural success of our region.

The Young Creatives Summit is scheduled on April 18 from 10:30AM – 3 PM.  After the Summit, area restaurants and bars are joining together to provide dinner at a discounted rate for Summit participants followed by a pub crawl which begins in the Oregon District at 8PM.  The full agenda is available on-line at http://updayton.com. Summit registration is $15 for professionals and $5 for students; the cost includes participation in the Summit and discounts at many local dining and entertainment establishments.

The first annual Young Creatives Summit will demonstrate the passion and power of young creatives in our region.  The centerpiece of the Summit is the “Town Hall” in which participants will brainstorm solutions to regional concerns that specifically affect the young creatives.  The day also includes a “meet the region” resource fair so that college students and young creatives may learn more about social and professional opportunities in the region.  The Summit is a forum for young professionals to air their concerns and state their needs to local leaders while working toward creating solutions, networking with other young adults and learning about regional opportunities.

Dayton’s numerous universities & highly skilled students give it more talent potential than most anywhere in the state, but too many graduates are slipping away.  Each young, creative professional that leaves the region is a missed economic opportunity.  At the Summit, Dayton’s diverse and innovative young creatives will propose their ideas to help the region better serve young talent and plug the brain drain.


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In a survey of young creatives updayton conducted last year, over 55% of respondents under age 30 indicated they intend to move away from the Miami Valley within the next 5 years.  Furthermore, when asked about their needs for a place to live, the range of responses was too broad for one regional
stakeholder to address alone.  Local leaders must work together if they want to plug the brain drain. The
Summit is an opportunity for the many organizations across the community who all share an interest in the attraction and retention of young talent to develop a shared vision for plugging the brain drain.

Online registration is available at http://updayton.com.  Registrants will select a break-out session from a series of six topics.  The break-out sessions will focus on specific concerns important to young creatives (e.g. jobs, entertainment, schools, neighborhoods, etc) and break-out facilitators will help attendees move from regional shortfalls to brainstorming potential projects.  Young creatives will then come together in the town-hall forum to share ideas, vote on their favorite projects, and volunteer to be part of the change that’s coming in the region.


An initiative of the DaytonCREATE project, updayton strives to spur economic growth within the region by attracting and retaining young talent.  updayton is connecting young creative professionals to the Miami Valley and engaging them in the region’s decision making.

We are updayton.  Our members are of all ages, and we are passionate
about building a better Dayton.  When someone asks us where we live,
we are proud to call Dayton our home.

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