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Miami Valley Grown elects officers, plans future

From an initial discovery meeting on June 28, 2007, the Miami Valley Grown team is developing a course of action that will benefit area growers, consumers, the environment and economy. This past Thursday the group elected it’s first slate of officers:

Chairman Noreen Willhelm
Vice Chair Howard Solganik
Treasurer Luci Beachdell
Secretary Terry Lieberman-Smith

Originally brought together whebn Dan Foley, Montgomery County Commissioner asked OSU Extension to lead an initiative to help connect local food growers with local buyers. He noted that the county contained a perfect blend of urban and rural, and that it could serve as a laboratory to study how local economies “connect” in terms of food distribution. Commissioners Lieberman and Dodge are supportive as well.  The group met informally knowing that there was value in the connection of so many local producers, hearing reports of various outreach projects and new initiatives being formed.

Next steps for the group include forming committes and mapping out the plan for how the membership organization will be structured.  All are welcome to attend the next meeting on Thurs, April 23rd at 11am at the 2nd Street Market.

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