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This Is Dayton Poster Committee Meeting

You are invited to a This is Dayton Poster Contest Committee meeting this Tuesday evening at 6:30pm at the Dublin Pub (downtown) to discuss our plan of action for the Poster Contest.

Jen Straight (co-chair of this committee) and Andrea Siefring (Chair) have worked up a list of questions to push toward Theresa Gasper, which Jen will be doing, and we’re hoping to have most of those questions addressed prior to that meeting so we can move forward at full speed on Tuesday.

We would love to see you at that meeting and need YOUR help, and think YOU would be a great fit for this committee. We are going to have fun, and we will get rolling immediately, so please come and help us!

One Response to “This Is Dayton Poster Committee Meeting”

  1. Andrea Siefring says:

    The Poster Contest Committee met this past Tuesday evening and had a very productive meeting; we also had a few new individuals join us! We’re collecting some great talent and ideas, and we will be using these to continue our forward progress.

    We are targeting an “Unrolling” of the Poster Contest at the October 3rd First Friday. This will be the official kick-off of the Contest, and we will be promoting the Contest and the kick-off, at Urban Nights on September the 12th.

    Currently, our focus is to create a poster for the kick-off itself and to incorporate that into our promotion at Urban Nights. We’re also working to ensure that there will be substantial recognition for the winning posters, as well as prizes.

    We’ll be meeting again this Tuesday evening and continue to need all hands on deck! Please join us 8/26 at the Dublin Pub as we continue to move full steam ahead with this Contest!

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