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Shaun & Abigail Bengson In Concert

Doors open at 8:00, Performance starts 9:00pm.

Fresh from their performances at La Mama Theatre in NYC, The Bengsons will perform music from both their off-broadway show & their recently released album “Six Hours.” Tickets $10 (available at the door), to support the couple’s trip to South Africa to teach theatre & music to at-risk urban teens, and Encore Theatre Co.

Visit: www.bengsons.com or www.encoretheatercompany.com for more information or contact newmusicalsETC@encoretheatercompany.com

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2 Responses to “Shaun & Abigail Bengson In Concert”

  1. Mark Martel says:

    I came across an idea called Tech Shop which could help bring together and support Dayton’s creative innovators like inventors, sculptors, start-up businesses, hobbyists and various tinkerers. It’s like the original Deed’s Barn Gang combined with a more egalitarian approach—access to many tools and ideas for the benefit of all members.

    What would you estimate to be…
    The number of people willing to spend $100 a month to have access to these cool tools?
    The number of people willing to loan such an enterprise start-up funds?
    The number of existing or start-up companies that might be interested?

    It might be fitting for Dayton, the Silicon Valley of a century ago, to be the first location to transplant this concept from today’s Silicon Valley!

    Mark Martel

  2. First: Go listen to some samples of their music ( http://cdbaby.com/cd/anbasb ), then change your calendar & plan on coming down to C{Space tomorrow night!

    “Not only a tremendous talent but also a raw honesty
    – a sincere righteoussness”
    – New York Times

    You will love these performers!

    Join Shaun & Abigail for drinks after the performance at Gregory’s Piano Bar, across from the Victoria Theatre.