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Light Up Dayton photo contest winners announced

The call went out to anybody with a camera, and the response was amazing: Light Up Dayton, a photo contest sponsored by the city of Dayton, the Dayton Daily News and the Downtown Dayton Partnership, asked for images of Dayton’s new skyline, and got nearly 400 entries.

“We were hoping for at least 100,” said Laura Woeste, the partnership’s director of marketing and communications. “It’s fascinating to see the way Dayton looks through the eyes of many.

“There are unique and unusual perspectives — some folks submitted nontraditional angles,” she continued. “Not everything is the typical shot from the river.”

Cash prizes will be awarded to the professional and amateur photographers judged Best in Show by a panel that included Mayor Rhine McLin. Judging took place Wednesday, May 13, with the following winners chosen:

* “Best in Show”: John Green (professional); Bruce Soifer (amateur)
* “City of Lights” — general skyline: John Green (professional); Kendall Draeger (amateur)
* “A River Runs Through It”— photos including the river: Marj Shockley (professional); Kevin Marano (amateur
* “Dayton Originals” — unique/unusual perspective: John Green (professional); Tom Arends (amateur)
* “Street Life” — people and places: Teresa Jack (professional); Bruce Soifer (amateur)
* Mayor’s Choice awards: John Rigano, Richard Diehl, Robert Makley, Floyd Green

All 400 entries will be displayed Friday, May 15, during downtown’s Urban Nights, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., at the old Rutledge Gallery in the lobby of the Kettering Tower, near the Second and Jefferson street corners.

During Urban Nights, voting will take place for a People’s Choice award, Woeste said, and winning entries in all categories will be published in the Life section of the Dayton Daily News on May 29.

“Everyone has a different perspective of what the Dayton skyline is to them,” Woeste said. “It’s wonderful.”

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