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Please download the Media Kit for detailed information on Dayton CREATE–including our many area sponsors- and check out the slideshow in the right column for an application of Richard Florida’s Creative Class theories to the Dayton-Springfield region.

In January of 2007, The Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE) assembled a Creative Class Taskforce, consisting of many area organizations, to bring Dr. Richard Florida and the Creative Class Group’s “Creative Communities Leadership Project” to the greater Dayton area.

This regional community empowerment project is a year long effort by 30 Catalysts in five teams to revitalize the region’s economic competitiveness using Dr. Florida’s theories, existing strengths, and open source planning with the community.

DaytonCREATE is the umbrella organization of these five initiatives, and here you will find weekly updates on their progress- and how to get involved.

Meet Our Sponsors and Partners!

1. Air Force Research Lab
2. Andy Snow Photography
3. Antioch University*
4. Avetec, Inc.
5. Cannery Art & Design Center*
6. CareSource Management Group*
7. Central State University*
8. Children’s Medical Center of Dayton*
9. City of Dayton*
10. CityWide Development Corporation*
11. Civic Life International, Inc.
12. Clark State Community College*
13. Cox Ohio Publishing*
14. Culture Works
15. Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce*
16. Dayton Development Coalition*
17. Dayton Early College Academy
18. Dayton Foundation*
19. Dayton Power and Light*
20. Downtown Dayton Partnership
21. Fiver Rivers Metro Parks
22. Dave and Theresa Gasper*
23. Greater Dayton Area Hospital Assoc*
1. Joanne Granzow*
2. Human Race Theatre Company
3. Kids Voting
4. Levin Porter Associates Inc.
5. Lexis Nexis*
6. Marketing Formula
7. MCM Electronics
8. Miami Conservancy District
9. Miami Valley Restaurant Association
10. Montgomery County*
11. Morgan Family Foundation*
12. National City*
13. ResConnex, Inc.
14. Sebaly, Shillito and Dyer
15. Shumsky*
16. Sinclair Community College*
17. SOCHE*
18. Step-up-to-Success Diversity Education
19. Teradata
20. Turner Foundation*
21. University of Dayton*
22. US Air Force
23. Victoria Theatre Association
24. Westcott House*
25. Willis Bing Davis Art Studio
26. Wittenberg University*
27. Jean Woodhull*
28. Woolpert, Inc.
29. WorkflowOne
30. Wright Dunbar, Inc.
31. Wright State Physicians
32. Wright State University*
33. YMCA

Interested in getting involved?
Contact information for the volunteer organizers of each team can usually be found near the end of a post on the home page, but don’t hesitate to contact these team Chairs!

Community Pride/”This Is Dayton”
Susan Byrnes
Dave Seyer

Creative Incubator
Anne Rasmussen
Kate Ervin

Young Creatives/UpDayton
Scott Murphy
Catherine “Katy” Crosby

Innovation Collaborative
Sarah Ammar
Larry Jenkins

Film Dayton
Ron Rollins

Communication Team
Stephanie Yenn
Lisa Grigsby

Brooke Bryan

Follow The Five Teams

Check the middle column of the home page to read the most recent updates from the five initiatives. To see a full description of any individual team, click their name in the navigation/menu bar. Also, you will find a link to all past team posts from their description page.

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