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“This Is Dayton” Initiative Update

Since Last Week
As we add new members, the discussion changes. Our original intention- to roll out the initial posters for the May 16th Urban Nights- is changing as our ideas and our options evolve. We will take the next week or so to finalize the Project Charter and make sure we’ve got a solid plan to move forward with. Once the plan is more refined, we will focus on growing the team as well as rolling out some of the posters.

The Changing Vision
We’re discussing making it more in tune with Tolerance or Diversity. While our initiative ultimately touches on talent, technology, territorial assets and tolerance, we felt in light of the other initiatives’ missions, we might want to focus more on diversity/tolerance. So we’ve decided to take a step back, focus on the project charter and hope that brings our vision into greater focus. As anxious as we are to get something out for the public as soon as possible, we want to make sure we’re rolling out a strong, viable product or vision.

The Challenge
Getting and keeping everyone focused on the same mission; as we add new members, new ideas surface. While this is good, it can pull us off target. We’re trying to figure out how to define the goal, recruit new members, and utilize their feedback without rehashing previous discussions or losing momentum.

We have suggested that the overall task force focus on fundraising so that each of the initiatives aren’t knocking on the same donors’ doors asking for money.
We also want to develop an “Adopt a Highway” approach, and that will require getting some firm pricing and quotes so we can develop options for potential donors and sponsors.
We have identified graphic artists to help us with the design, and a couple of sources for producing them, but haven’t finalized all the details yet.

We’ve discussed a need for greater diversity among our group. We could use more 20-somethings, more ethnic backgrounds, and some socio-economic or educational diversity. Contact David Seyer at dseyer@cultureworks.org or Susan Byrnes at byrnes@udayton.edu to get involved.

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