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Innovation Collaborative: Meeting Update

The Innovation Collaborative’s public meeting at the Cannery Art and Design Center went extremely well. The team now has the addition of four new creatives: Tom Ireland, Ilya Lisenker, Mike Madero, and Sandra Mikesell. The new additions really added to the team synergy and a lot of great new ideas were generated to fortify the Innovation Collaborative’s vision, and to make the “Walk on Water” event planning even more effective.

We will be teaming with Five Rivers MetroParks and in order to have adequate time to foster the collaborative- integrated process between artists, engineers, entrepreneurs and skilled workers- the “Walk on Water” event will take place in the summer of 2009.

In the lead-up to this event, the group is planning several events that showcase the collaborative process and keep the public involved and engaged in the process. Thursday night’s meeting included discussion about these lead-up events, and several great ideas were generated about the kinds of events that may be held. We also discussed some of the objectives of the Walk on Water challenge, and the practical applications that can come from the solutions to the problem.

The next group meeting will be the evening of May 15, but the exact time and location are TBD. Contact Sarah Ammar at sammar86@gmail.com for more information.

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