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Garden Station




Garden Station is a community garden at the corner of E. 4th Street and Wayne Avenue in Dayton. Volunteers have transformed a vacant lot full of trash and questionable materials into a hub of community activity. You can see more pictures and get links to their press at the Garden Station facebook page. We caught up with volunteer Lisa Helm to get the dirt.

Favorite place to share with visitors: Garden Station, of course
Favorite Book: Square Foot Gardening
Favorite website: recycleart.org
Hobbies: digging in the dirt, turning trash into art, making Dayton prettyFuture Legacy: Created a unique destination by turning a liability into an asset that brought a diverse community together to make Dayton a better place for everyone.
Favorite Dayton watering hole: South Park Tavern
Favorite encounter with a famous person: Luci Beachdell from MetroParks mudded the straw bale shed!
Pets: Lots of bunnies, groundhogs, possums, bees, butterflies, birds…


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