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The Innovation Collaborative Initiative

The area’s rich concentration of artists, engineers and skilled workers are unique regional assets. Our mission is to integrate these talented groups into synergistic relationships to stimulate a stronger economy and promote job creation through innovative collaboration.

To initiate this collaborative discussion, our group will issue an annual challenge to collaborative teams of artists, engineers and skilled workers. This challenge will culminate in a celebration open to the community where these teams will unveil their innovative solutions. The first challenge will be to “Walk on Water.”

The Innovation Collaborative Team hopes to partner with local universities and businesses, civic organizations and government, as well as interested artists, engineers, skilled workers and entrepreneurs. The first challenge will likely be issued in the Fall of 2008, and the community event is anticipated to take place in Spring of 2009.

Team Members:
Sarah Ammar
Patrick Martin
Larry Jenkins
Ojustwin Naik
Art Williams
Sharon Williamson 

 Next Steps:
1) Research event logistics.
2) Formulate rules and requirements of challenge.
3) Develop collaborative partnerships with individuals and organizations.
4) Explore potential directions for seed-funding and “re-invent” programs.

The first public meeting will be held in mid-April. Volunteers and potential partners are encouraged to contact Sarah Ammar (sammar86@gmail.com).

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