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“This Is Dayton” on Tolerance; Shattering Stereotypes

Thanks to committee member, Donna Martin, for sharing this music video by Ice Cube called Race Card. The basic premise is the world isn’t black & white and not to believe in stereotypes.

Pay particular attention to the end of the video with images & labels. We believe this could be an excellent starting point for a poster initiative for the This is Dayton community pride initiative. Why?

It speaks directly to what Richard Florida refers to as one of the four T’s – Tolerance. It’s about diversity, but also refers to accepting people who are different than you. Diversity and acceptance is important to the Creative Class and they are drawn to open minded communities.

It personalizes “This is Dayton” and makes it about the people and not as much about the geography. It doesn’t matter if the people shown are from Beavercreek, Trotwood or Springfield. It’s about shattering stereotypes.

If nothing else, it just makes you stop and think…. so what do YOU think? Would you or someone you know be interested in being a “model” for these posters and share something about yourself that might surprise people?

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