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The Dayton Creative Incubator Initiative

The Dayton Creative Incubator Initiative is conceived as a project to bring life back to one or several of our vacant downtown spaces by working with building owners to allow local artists to use the spaces for creating and displaying art- as well as providing community spaces where artists, musicians and other creatives can hang out, network and simply exchange creative ideas.

Team Catalysts: 
Kate Ervin
Anne Rasmussen
Bob Parks
Tom Thickel
Bill Pote

Team Members:
Kristen Wicker
Eva Makstutis
Tess Cortes

Next Steps:
1) Identify volunteers to join the team.
2) Survey potential users (artists, musicians, etc.) and gather information on their specific needs and wants.
3) Identify current examples of community spaces similar to the team’s ideas.
4) Talk to developers and and building managers for input; identify potential partners.
5) Develop marketing materials and an outreach program, both to artists, building owners/managers, and the public.

Volunteers or potential partners are encouraged to contact Kate Ervin: 937.554.8865 or kate.ervin@cityofdayton.org 

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